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Meet Junior Doctor Lucy: 'I'm passionate about wanting to do medicine'

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Lucy Holmes Lucy Holmes | 10:43 UK time, Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Getting Involved
When the opportunity to take part in Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands came up, it was one I felt I couldn't pass by - how often are you approached to take part in a television series?! It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and my background, having a dad who works in broadcasting, meant I had always had an interest in the media. It was something which captured and excited me, so I had to do it - that's the kind of person I am. Obviously, there was the fear that it might be too much pressure alongside starting work as a junior doctor, and the fear that every little mistake I made would be out there for the world to see. In all honesty, I was terrified and daunted by the prospect of my first day as it was, so why on earth I thought having cameras capture my first moments was a good idea, I'll never know!

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It's Personal...
I'm passionate about wanting to do medicine for very personal reasons - my youngest sister has an inherited disease called Cystic Fibrosis. I remember vividly when she was diagnosed - turning blue and being rushed into hospital, wired up to machines. The doctors and nurses who cared for her then saved her life and this had a huge impact on me. I grew up helping with her daily treatment, and the more I saw her benefit from the care she received the more inspired I felt to follow a career which would enable me to do the same for others. I'm still guilty of nudging her to do her treatment now - even though she's nearly 20 and can do it all herself - that's big sisters for you! Taking part in the series, I thought, might enable me to raise some awareness of the disease, and the difficulties faced by those who have it, as well as the life it is possible to lead when well.

Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands (Lucy Holmes)

Lucy Holmes in Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands

Coping with the Cameras
My fears about the pressure of the cameras were soon put to rest. In fact, when the filming was finished, and the cameras left us after several months of seeing them everyday, it actually felt strange to be working without them. After all, I had spent the first minutes and days of a very important and stressful time with them by my side, and enjoyed every second. The filming was great fun; I had a brilliant camera crew, who I became good friends with. During those times when I was working by myself with the potential of feeling lonely, I always had people to natter to. And then, there were the times when talking about an experience, especially a difficult one, was very therapeutic. We had lots of laughs on the ward, especially initially, when everyone was afraid of the camera - I couldn't be more thankful though for the time and patience my colleagues demonstrated throughout, even from day one when none of them knew me.

I'm so glad I took part - there are not many junior doctors out there who are lucky enough to have those first few memories of their working lives immortalised on film!

Lucy Holmes features in Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands which starts tonight at 9pm.

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Tell us your top Two Pints moments...

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Dana Stevens | 15:56 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011

There are two reasons to celebrate this week: the new series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is getting closer and we're celebrating the show's 10th anniversary. Yes, can you believe it? It's been a whole ten years since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps was first shown on your telly! We want you to help us mark the occasion by telling us about your favourite moments from the show over the last ten years.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crips (The cast of series 1: Natalie Casey as Donna, Will Mellor as Gaz, Kathryn Drysdale as Louise, Ralf Little as Jonny and Sheridan Smith as Janet.)

The cast photographed 10 years ago for Series 1

Did you laugh out loud when Donna pushed Gaz into the canal? Or did you prefer the moment when Jonny was tied naked to the Archer on his stag night?

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (Will Mellor as Gaz)

The one where Gaz dressed up in bondage gear, from Series 3.

As a treat, we're going to post a clip from every series on the Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps website and we'll use your suggestions to help us pick them. We can't guarantee your suggestion will be used, but if you're lucky you could see your top moment on the website.

So all you need to do is describe your favourite moment - and if you can remember which episode or series it's from, that would be great.

Add your top moment.

Dana Stevens is Content Producer for BBC Three online.

Coming Soon: Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds

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Dana Stevens | 10:00 UK time, Monday, 14 February 2011

Prepare yourselves for a night filled with passion, drama, music and horror as BBC Three's live event, Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds comes to the city on Saturday 19th March. The classic novel by Mary Shelley will be spectacularly brought to life in the gothic setting of Kirkstall Abbey in front of a live audience of 12,000 people. And of course, you can watch it all live on BBC Three too.

Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds (Andrew Gower as Victor, David Harewood as the monster, Lacey Turner as Elizabeth)

Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds: Andrew Gower as Victor, David Harewood as the Creature, Lacey Turner as Elizabeth.

Lacey Turner, star of Being Human and EastEnders takes up the role of Elizabeth Lavenza, the bride-to-be preparing to marry Victor Frankenstein, played by Andrew Gower. But things don't go to plan as the lavish wedding is overshadowed by Frankenstein's dark secret, the murderous Creature he has created, played by David Harewood.

Sounds great, right? And YOU could be there. We have 9,000 FREE tickets to give away so make sure you check the Frankenstein's Wedding website from Friday 18th February to apply. The best bit is that we want guests to play an active role in the wedding: we want you to wear your finest wedding outfits and take part in the celebratory dancing.

Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds logo

We're even giving you a chance to perfect those dance moves. You can sign up for a free workshop with the Leeds-based Phoenix Dance Theatre to learn a special wedding dance routine so that you can take part in a mass dance live on the night! There are 2,000 places on the workshops, so for dates and booking information visit the Phoenix Dance Theatre website.

To watch character video diaries in the run-up to the wedding and to see the dance moves, visit the Frankenstein's Wedding website now.

60seconds Sam: Scott Mills - Gay people treated like "dirty minority" in Uganda

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Sam Naz Sam Naz | 17:46 UK time, Wednesday, 9 February 2011

He's one of the country's most popular DJs, having been a fixture at Radio 1 for over a decade now. But this is a first for Scott Mills. In BBC Three's new documentary The World's Worst Place To Be Gay? Scott went to Uganda in east Africa to see what it's like for gay people to live in a country where homosexuality is illegal. He also speaks openly about being gay himself. I went down to Radio 1 HQ in London to catch up with him.

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Since Scott returned, Uganda has been in the news quite a bit. There have been two big stories which have put the country's views on homosexuality firmly in the spotlight. Last month, the gay rights campaigner David Kato was murdered. Police there insist there's no evidence that he was killed because of his sexuality, but David's colleagues at the gay rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) disagree - they say he'd been receiving death threats after being outed by a newspaper.

Just a few days after David's death, a Ugandan woman who was about to be deported from the UK, managed to win a last minute reprieve. Brenda Namiggade says she's a lesbian and believes that her life would be in danger if she went back to Uganda. She was told that she could stay here temporarily while the courts looked at her case again.

But it's not just Uganda with tough laws on homosexuality. Human Rights Watch, a charity which aims to protect the human rights of people all over the world, says being gay is illegal in around 70 countries including Barbados, Morocco, Afghanistan and the 2022 World Cup hosts - Qatar. In fact, being gay is seen as such a serious crime in some countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, that it carries the death penalty.

There's currently no death penalty for gay people in Uganda. The maximum sentence is 14 years in prison, but that could all change if the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is passed. It's being proposed by the Ugandan MP David Bahati who argues that it will protect the traditional family. The Bill would increase the penalty for gay acts to life in prison and would introduce the death penalty for 'serious offenders'. The proposal has been widely condemned and critics include US President Obama. Speaking last year, he said:

"Surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are, whether it is here in the United States or... more extremely, in odious laws that are being proposed more recently in Uganda."

You can watch Scott Mills present The World's Worst Place To Be Gay? at 9pm on Monday on BBC Three.

Journalist Sam Naz presents the 60seconds news bulletins on BBC Three.

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Choose The Tunes For Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

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Dana Stevens | 15:42 UK time, Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A fun challenge for you now BBC Three fans. If you know your Britney from your Beyoncé and your Girls Aloud from your Gaga we need your musical knowledge and excellent taste. The next series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is in production at the moment and we want YOU to suggest the music to be played in The Archers pub.

That's right, you could decide what Gaz and Donna could be listening to with their lager.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (Will Mellor as Gaz and Natalie Casey as Donna)

Gaz and Donna in The Archers pub

Do you think they should be listening to chart favourites like Take That or maybe you think there should be some Tinie Tempah or Chase & Status basslines?

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (The Archers pub)

Whatever your musical recommendations are - all you need to do is leave us a comment with the name of the track and the artist.

We can't guarantee that your song will get played, but we'll do our best to get as many as we can on to The Archer's jukebox. (Well ok, I guess it's more likely to be an MP3 player really.)

The new series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps will be on BBC Three this spring.

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The Styling Secrets of Snog Marry Avoid?

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Nicki and Rachele Nicki and Rachele | 13:19 UK time, Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Helloooo to all POD Passionates, Nicki and Rachele here. We had the pleasure of being Series 4 stylists and we want to give you a sneaky insight into our amazing journey with Snog Marry Avoid?

Snog Marry Avoid? (Emily Kerr)

Emily Kerr in Snog Marry Avoid?

Taking on a new role is always a challenge and as a stylist you have new projects every day either creating a look or a campaign. Snog Marry Avoid? was a different challenge altogether: we had to do MAKEUNDERS not MAKEOVERS! What's the difference I hear you say? A lot. We had to take really made-up characters with their own style and strip it away leaving almost a blank canvas. A challenge to say the least: we had layers of fake tan, extensions, bikinis (as outerwear) and much more to contend with. It was the most fun we have ever had!!

To give the team an idea of what looks we wanted to achieve, subtle but still on trend, we created inspiration boards to show new season looks, shapes and colours. The trends and looks that inspired us were bodycon, 70's romance, soft tailoring (more graduation/preppy than Wall Street) and we steered away from micro trends such as tassels and anything graphic as this would take away from the soft, subtle look we want to get from the makeunder.

When we joined Snog Marry Avoid? it was already an established show so this was quite a nerve-racking experience for us. We wanted to keep the same format but make it more trend driven. There is only so much we can do with a shift dress and tights - arghhh!! We took a risk and decided to use, wait for it, playsuits, skirts etc. We think it worked, hope you do too. We are high street lovers and I have to say stores like Topshop, H&M, Asos, Miss Selfridges and Boohoo were our saving grace as they do trends so well and the sizes are spot on.

Now the challenge begins, the actual makeunder. To start we need to see body shape, a real challenge when most girls don't even know their bra size, yes this is true! Measuring tape at the ready. Some of our girls were definitely more gifted in the breast department and this can cause chaos when dressing them. We stuck with empire lines (70's romance) and really concentrated on the waist. Take a look at Hollie 'Dollie' for example:

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With Hollie's shape we had to create more of an hourglass figure and move away from the top heavy shape she'd created with her look. To achieve this we chose a drape front dress with cinch in waist, this created an illusion of not only a waist but disguised the size of Hollie's bust. She looked classy and half her age - we loved it!!

My personal favourite contributor was Lynn Carmichael, she's a bodybuilder and has quite a muscular frame. Our aim was to make her feel feminine and beautiful so we went for one of the most feminine shapes - the maxi dress. We chose a soft empire line with chiffon sleeves to soften the upper arm. I dare you not to cry at this makeunder, there wasn't a dry eye on the day awwww!!!! She looked amazing! (Look out for Lynn in an upcoming episode.)

Snog Marry Avoid? (Verena Twigg)

Verena Twigg in Snog Marry Avoid?

We have had an amazing time on the show and we hope you all love the makeunders we achieved, along the way we had tears and tantrums but mostly laughs.

So that's all from us but we hope you've loved this insight into the styling world of Snog, Marry, Avoid?

Lots of hugs Nicki and Rachele xxx

Nicki and Rachele are the Snog Marry Avoid? stylists. You can watch new episodes every Tuesday at 8pm. Add your comment.

Greg James: Why I'm proud of Young, Jobless and Living at Home

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Greg James | 12:12 UK time, Monday, 7 February 2011

Young, Jobless and Living at Home was an absolute joy to be a part of. I travelled the UK meeting a load of young people; all brilliant and interesting in their own way. Finding that first job is something everyone goes through, and I went through it not long ago myself so I felt like we had some common ground even when we first spoke. I wanted to get involved with this programme because youth unemployment is such a wide reaching problem. No matter what background you come from or how many fancy qualifications you have, the common denominator is it's flipping hard to find a job at the moment.

Young, Jobless and Living at Home (presenter Greg James)

It was fascinating to broaden my horizons and meet people from all over the country finding out what makes them tick. My Radio 1 show is all about the listeners and I love meeting the people who actually listen to it to find out all about them. To spend a good deal of time with them on this show was a treat. Yes, there were some unhappy moments and situations in parts of the film, but that's reality. We hear a lot in the news about 'youth unemployment being at the highest levels in a generation' - but what does that REALLY mean? The people affected are REAL, believe it or not. Who are these people? How do they afford to get by? What support do they have? I wanted to MEET the people affected and put a human face to the headlines.

The people involved in the show were fantastic and all made my job very easy. Well, apart from when I had to drive Leon to his job interview and he was already an hour late. Or perhaps when we had to hide round the corner so that his mum didn't see us because she still hadn't worked out that Leon had been fired from his job. Becca and Dan are a great couple - we had an interesting night shoot with that lot where we were all a bit tired and grumpy (which comes across in the show) when we were trekking to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. We got there to realise that no money had been put into their account. A wasted trip. Punam and her family are a delight and I think I've been adopted by her dad as he shares a love of cricket.

When I met 22 year old graduate Jasper, he had debts of £22, 000 and he was trying to make it in the music industry. He had a tough but fascinating journey to get there and you can watch some of it here:

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As you can see from that clip, Jasper also had a great collection of old records - one of which I borrowed to use for my show. I've just realised I haven't given it back to him yet. Sorry Jasper. And James and Chelsea are so lovely - I spent a fun afternoon at one of James' cooking courses making soup. I'm a terrible cook. (Probably why that footage didn't get used for the show.)

I am really proud with what we've done - we haven't unearthed any particular scandal for the front pages of the tabloids - that wasn't the aim - but what we have done is offered you a really insightful overview into the state of the job market for young people. The stories, on the whole, end happily and it won't leave you feeling depressed. But I hope you learn a bit about other people. Whether you find that you relate to them or you just realise how lucky you are. There's something for everyone. I didn't want to make a 'isn't everything depressing' programme - neither did I want to make a sunny and fake 'happily ever after' one. What we've made is honest and real. And I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know what you think...add your comment.

Greg James presents Young, Jobless and Living at Home tonight at 9pm.

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