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How Not To Live Your Life: The Final Filming Diary

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Dan Clark Dan Clark | 16:47 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The last few weeks of the shoot for How Not To Live Your Life were in the studio. Don's house is a brilliant crafted set built in a less-than-desirable studio in the town of Dumbarton, just outside Glasgow. I say less than desirable. I certainly wouldn't call Dumbarton Studios the most depressing place I've ever been to, but it's definitely not Hollywood. It's cold (even in August) and damp and the walls are covered in pebbledash. It has an eerie feel to it. But it's what we called home for three weeks.

If you want a reminder of what the set of Don's house looks like, here's Don sharing his thoughts on Sam's new boyfriend:

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By the time we reached the end of the shoot, we were all relieved that it was over. Well, everyone except Sam Leifer, the director. He's an android. I've never met anyone who can work so hard on such little sleep. He turned up one day having only had an hour of sleep. He looked and behaved no differently to previous days. He didn't even yawn. In fact, I think he only yawned twice over the whole seven weeks. And one of those was by accident. Believe me, when you're getting up at 5.45am everyday and filming for 12 hours, you yawn. Unless you're an android.

How Not To Live Your Life (Dan Clark)

It was a fun, exhilarating shoot which, I'm fairly certain, will culminate in being the best series of How Not To Live Your Life yet. By a mile. But I was thanking God when we got to the editing stage. Starting at 9.30am; sitting down all day, cutting funny scenes together, and lots of coffee and cakes. Oh, okay. I'll miss standing in the cold with a ball-gag in my mouth.

Dan Clark writes and stars in How Not To Live Your Life on BBC Three, Mondays at 10.30pm.


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