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How Not To Live Your Life: Filming Diary Part 4

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Dan Clark Dan Clark | 10:41 UK time, Friday, 29 October 2010

How Not To Live Your Life (Dan Clark as Don)

Week four of filming How Not To Live Your Life was the musical episode. I don't want to give away too much information about this episode but Don joins the local theatre club that Eddie belongs to and they put on a musical. We had long conversations about whether to make the musical deliberately bad or actually surprisingly good. We kind of went for the latter. I say kind of because although it's poorly acted and very cheesy, they deliver the musical with gusto and passion. The art department on Series 3 created wonderful sets and at the end of the week we all decided we'd actually quite like to see the musical put on in the West End.

The musical episode also featured a guest appearance from up-and-coming character comedian Nick Mohammed, who you may have seen in The King is Dead. I've been a fan of Nick's for a while and knew pretty early on in the script writing process that I wanted him to play the director. He was brilliant. In fact, a bit too good. My ego was starting to feel neglected due to the amount of laughs he was getting. But the writer side of me was in love with him, as he was serving the script expertly.

David Schneider, he of The Day Today, Friday Night Armistice and Alan Partridge, joined us that week too. The scenes he was involved in were set during a pub quiz, which culminates into a bar brawl. David was a gent. And I was so pleased he came and did a bit as I've been a fan of his since my late teens.

How Not To Live Your Life (Dan Clark as Don and Fiona Button as Jenny)

Dan Clark as Don and Fiona Button as Jenny in How Not To Live Your Life

The bar brawl I mentioned is instigated by a female character played by Fiona Button, she's appearing in the BBC Three drama Lip Service as well as an upcoming BBC One sci-fi called Outcasts. I wanted to mention Fiona because she's so phenomenally good in the role of Jenny. A part that could've gone so badly in the hands of the wrong actress. Fiona's a brilliant actress who'll be a big name soon. She took to comedy so easily and her physicality made me laugh a lot. Her part is in one of my favourite episodes of the new series.

Dan Clark writes and stars in How Not To Live Your Life. The new series of How Not To Live Your Life starts on 8 November at 10.30pm with a double bill.

Next week you can read the final instalment of Dan Clark's filming diaries here and you can read parts one to three on the blog now.


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