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Meet Daniel Sloss: star of The Adventures of Daniel

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Dana Stevens | 10:20 UK time, Monday, 16 August 2010

As part of the series of comedy pilots that we're premiering online, we've got a great new comedian to introduce you to. Later today you'll be able to watch my personal favourite The Adventures of Daniel here on the blog. It's a sitcom featuring 19 year old Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss playing himself with his fictional family, friends and girlfriend.

The Adventures of Daniel (Daniel Sloss)
The real Daniel's even got his own show at Edinburgh Festival this year, he's written Mock the Week material for Frankie Boyle and done regular performances across the country and he runs his own comedy night in his hometown of Kirkcaldy. Impressive stuff. But enough from me, I'll let Daniel introduce himself and the show, but firstly I must warn you that the language can be a bit lewd and crude (as you'd expect from someone who has worked with Frankie Boyle!).

Hi I'm Daniel Sloss. Though most people call me Danny. Except my girlfriend's dad - he tends just to ignore me. Although he did call me David once. He doesn't really like the fact that the guy dating his daughter tells knob jokes for a living, which is fair enough I guess - my own parents don't like it much either. (I keep telling them that I'm saving them loads of money by not going to uni, but they just look at me like they've caught me knocking one out in public.)

The Adventures of Daniel I should probably explain what I mean by the whole knob joke thing - I'm a stand-up comedian. I started when I was 16 and I've been doing it pretty much full-time for the last two years. Hmm...what else can I tell you? I guess if I went on a dating website (though I won't 'cause I have a girlfriend and I'm not a fifty, fat or balding) I would list my likes and dislikes. So...

Likes: Xbox, my girlfriend Emma (I want to say not in that order, but we're all friends here), my best friend James - actually - beating my best friend James at Xbox, wanking (I'm 18 - DEAL WITH IT), and Irn-Bru.

Dislikes: losing to James at Xbox, music festivals (why the hell would you pay £100 to stand in the middle of a field all day in the pouring rain with your biggest luxury being the chance to crap in a giant, piss-covered plastic box?), and Matt Spencer.

Eugh. Matt Spencer. The guy is a class A prick. Do you remember the guy at school who everybody fancied? Even the teachers. That's him. And he's dating my girlfriend's sister...

The Adventures of Daniel (Matt Spencer and Daniel) (Photo: Matt Spencer and Daniel)

Well, I guess you'll meet him if you watch my new show. (Though don't let that put you off.) It's written by me (Daniel) with Tim Allsop and Stewart Williams (they created the Channel 4 show Plus One) and it's part sitcom, part stand-up, part sketch. I love it! But then again, I am in it.

I'd love to know what you think about it. Especially if you agree that Matt's a total cumstain.

Enjoy! (And hopefully speak soon.)

Love Danny x

Daniel Sloss stars in The Adventures of Daniel which you can watch on the blog now. It will be shown on BBC Three next Monday at 9.30pm.

Our other comedy pilot The Klang Show will be on BBC Three tonight at 9.30pm.



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