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Special 1 TV: Wayne's Word - Vuvuzela

With everything that's going on in the World Cup 2010 there seems to be more talk about the vuvuzela than anything else. But what are they? Wayne informs. Do it!

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  • Comment number 1.

    This noise should be no problem for anyone who has raised a child, especially if they took music lessons on any kind of brass or woodwind instrument. I can just tune it out like the Big Boss. I do hope the Boy can overcome this though as it has seemed to affect his performance and that of the entire English side. Perhaps this is actually a conspiracy of uncanny proportions, a ruse to deflate the sensitive ears of European players and render them helpless. A subliminal wink if you will. Very nice conspirators.

    Thanks again to BBC3 for making these videos available to us in the US on your website. Greatly appreciate that. If only we could get Jose on Oprah, then we could help so many people. Better yet, how about a guest appearance on the Family Guy?

  • Comment number 2.

    Just about how many Americans watch it? I never thought it was popular stateside.

  • Comment number 3.

    I love the Special 1, It, Cabbage Man and the Boy! I have not missed a single episode either on TV or the web. Football (real football) is growing in popularity and today (USA 1-0 Alg) will go a long way to help. The vuvuzelas should be completely filtered out of the broadcasts. I miss the singing that occurs during European matches.


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