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Missing George? Russell Tovey is coming back...

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Dana Stevens | 15:44 UK time, Friday, 12 March 2010

I'm very, very excited about the lovely video that I have for you today. The Being Human fans among you may be mourning the end of the second series, but do not fear, the lovely Russell Tovey (aka George) will be back on BBC Three very soon. He's starring in a brand new series called Young, Unemployed and Lazy, with a fantastic actress called Sarah Solemani. It's a comedy about a young couple who don't really want to do anything except hang out together in their flat. And from what I've seen so far it looks good. Actually, not just good - flippin' brilliant. It's funny, warm and very British, like the gentle bits of Being Human (when they weren't turning into vampires, werewolves and killing people obviously), but also a bit like The Royle Family.
Anyway that's enough from me; just watch this video diary and you'll soon get an idea of how great it is.

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Young, Unemployed and Lazy will be coming soon to BBC Three.

While you're waiting, watch some of the other great behind-the-scenes videos on Comedy Extra.

P. S. So how many of you noticed that Russell Tovey also does the voiceover for Undercover Princesses?

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  • Comment number 1.

    Very good. Cannot find a blog on the programme i just watched called Young, British and Angry. First off, im Scottish and it was about something called England Defence league. From a socialogical and psychological back drop, drink and groups do not make a peaceful demonstration no matter what colour, breed or religion. Therefore it ethically was not correct, another aspect that gave misgivings was the fact the commentator stated that it was the police that as far as he was aware were manouvering towards the peaceful protesters in Bolton, but at the next meeting he again made a statement that implied that some of the group were instigating a riot. It has to be said in the first instance he was with the crowd, the second behind police lines. Im sorry to inform people but the whole report would be classed as unethical and very biased in its reposrting, but im finding this a regular occurance with this PUBLIC Organisation. PS may i add it was insinuated that the police from the people above may have sparked the misdeamanours in Bolton as this would discredit this organisation.


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