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Jail Tales: Nolay Lyrics

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Dana Stevens | 13:53 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nolay is a young female grime and hip hop lyricist who's been making waves on the UK underground scene. You can watch the exclusive track that she's made for Jail Tales on You Tube.

Here are her lyrics...

Nolay's Bars

This is 64 Bars about prison
Guys behind less than 64 Bars but still living
Not to mention the chicks like in Holloway
Yeah they've gone away
But its far from a holiday
I can't imagine ya pain
I can't even stay in my room 4 a whole day
The smell of ya cell
Everyone's got a story to tell
I don't want you to rot in there
As for innocent there's a lot in there!
What is fair?
It makes some of you better
And some of you worse
The gift and the curse
His cuffs are too tight
They scuff and they fight
We fight for our rights
Our freedom of speech
But this is real life
And freedom is limited
Isn't it deep?
Isn't it sad?
No balance between the good and the bad
The impact it has!
I watched my dad go mad!!
I know prison helped knock him off of his tracks
And now there's no turning back
And some with convictions can't move forward
Get a suit do an interview
And the boss of the company makes you feel awkward
Just 4 now I'm the voice of the nation
4 those in relation
Stuck on probation
To my boys and girls locked away
I pray 4u
You must have patience
Its easier said than done
Blood shed with guns
Am I a hypocrite?
Let me know if you get my point
Or are you just missing it?
This is just my opinion
It's not like I think yours don't count
Each and every person is different when they get out
Some never get out
Some go back in
We gotta break that cycle



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