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Jail Tales: Lioness Lyrics

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Dana Stevens | 14:24 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lioness is a female rapper who's been making music since she was 14. Although she's currently unsigned she's one of the top female MCs on the underground music scene and she's already appeared on Radio1, Kiss and 1xtra.

She's written a special track for the Jail Tales project called 'Girlfriend Perspective' which you can watch here.

The lyrics...

Lioness - Girlfriend Perspective

The first thing he said was,
Are you gonna wait 4me?
I was like..
Is this make believe?
You went down for helping your friend out,
You get 10 outa 10 for your deadout,
Mentality, like he's got you,
Knew this before,
Look where it got you,
Look where it got us,
Same kinda situ,
But still you're asking me to stick with you?
Babe you knew the last time he stitched you,
But you didn't wanna hear the term snitch used,
So you rid the time for him,
Lost your mind for him,
Took on the crime never mind if I'm crying,
Never mind if your Mum hurts,
You'd rather everyone think you done dirt,
Coz it won't really affect you,
You're inside so no one can get you,
But you didn't think that they would get me,
For two years every week I would get grief,
It's not even a bring up the past ting,
But can't you see the madness that you're asking?
When you go inside, you're meant to come out another guy and give the whole life thing another try,
Seems like you wanna live another lie,
Am I gonna wait?
Ain't you got another line?
And what about all of them other times,
When I stood by you,
I did good by you,
When you come out, did u move like a good guy moves?
Nah, you was on chasing girls,
But when things go wrong, you place yourself,
Beside me coz you can't even help yourself,
And I know that I'm here to help but,
You've gotta grow yourself,
HMP aint a holiday,
It's nuffin like Feltham,
I don't get why you think you can tolerate,
5 long years locked in a cell,
These prisons are no joke,
Visions of no hope,
You won't cope if you let that cloud you,
There'll be bare stuff going on around you,
But stay focussed and you'll be proud to,
Say that you came out a changed man,
But you don't wanna change man,
Coz you're going back in,
For the same thing,
I don't understand how you move with the same plan,
Babe you move with the same crowd,
And you really think that you've changed.. how?
And I'm pregnant, so are you gonna change now?



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