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Anthony Sayer Anthony Sayer | 11:09 UK time, Thursday, 12 August 2010

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"Tell your own story". That's what Donald said. Saying something like that to 107 players, while each is struggling to get the notes right, in the right order and at the same time, might seem a tad rash. Anyway, I'm not sure how many of us clocked it......maybe I'm making a meal of it. What was he getting at? We can assume he was trying to bring the music to life - which is what rehearsals are for - and obviously at that moment he felt we were sounding boring (Nous, ennuyeux!). He didn't exactly clarify things later when he said, "I love that slight untidiness". What's he want - for us all to start thrashing around doing our own thing? This is my cue for a rant: if we're playing the right notes, and playing them well, what makes one version of the same notes so different from another? What's the difference between fizzing inspiration and untidy incompetence?

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