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Listening seriously (Stephen Duffy)

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra | 15:53 UK time, Tuesday, 16 December 2008



I was recording a feature for one of the BBC SSO's seasonal broadcasts last week, and spent an hour talking with Allison Gardener, Head of Cinemas at the Glasgow Film Theatre. We were discussing 'Classics in the Movies' the use of existing classical music in a film as opposed to an original score. During this fascinating conversation, Allison made the point that watching a film is the first time that many people are exposed to the sound of a symphony orchestra. She's dead right, of course. But it surprises and upsets me that film music is held up by much of the musical establishment as an inferior kind of composition. For more thoughts on that, you'll need to tune in to the 'Christmas at the Movies' broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland on the evening of Sunday 21st December...

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Ant's Rants

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BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra | 15:08 UK time, Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Anthony SayerAfter the dinosaurs......some relevant irreverence
I love Stravinsky's music. The dinosaurs did it to me. It was Disney's Fantasia, aka Rite of Spring, when I was eight. Now, the dinosaurs are long gone, I'm still here, and I still get a buzz when his music is down to be played. So, what's he got that others haven't? Authority. Perfection. As a performer, these qualities make me feel safe - 'this is the real thing'. We're doing a 'Russian Winter' series at the moment - lots of Rachmaninov and Stravinsky. Stravinsky revealing his all......or is he? Us oldsters, veterans from Maksymiuk's tenure, know his music well; Maksymiuk did lots of it, then he did it again, and then on tour as well, and then some.

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