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  1. Monday Roundup

    Elisha Sessions

    What we've been tweeting about and more... Last week Notting Hill Carnival 2012 1Xtra was broadcasting all afternoon from Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, with Sarah Jane Crawford, Adele Roberts, Seani B, and Ace & Vis welcoming guests throughout the day in their "secret location" (it ...

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  2. BBC Music Video Festival set for UK-wide return

    Sam Hill

    Music video really has come into its own in last fifteen years. Close to being a dying medium at one point, it's risen phoenix-like across the Internet. For lots of us, YouTube and Vimeo have become crucial ways to listen to music, and marvellous opportunities to see some of the most creative, d...

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  3. I'm in a Girl Group!

    Andy Dunn

    I have never, and will never, be in a girl group. I don't have the voice, the moves, and certainly not the prerequisite looks. But most of all, because... I'm a boy. Well, more of a bloke, actually. This fact is somewhat prohibitive when pursuing the actual-girl group dream. But I hoped it...

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