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  1. Vote for the greatest song in 6 Music's history

    Elisha Sessions

    From guest writer Gary Bales, editor of BBC Radio 6 Music Hello there. Since the launch of 6 Music on March 11th, 2002, our brilliant presenters have played nigh on a million records into your ears (seriously....based on an average of 240 tracks a day we are nearly at a million... maybe e...

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  2. BBC Radio 6 Music Celebrates... 50 Years of Jamaican Independence

    Frank Wilson (6 Music)

    For such a small island, Jamaica's musical influence has been immense. In 1962, when it gained its independence and first flew the distinctive gold, green and black flag, its singers, musicians and their producers declared musical independence too. Over the past fifty years, the island's bass-...

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  3. BBC Radio 6 Music Celebrates... 50 Years of The Rolling Stones

    Mike Hanson

    Working at BBC 6 Music brings many benefits. I get to work with really talented music loving radio people every day. Listening to new music is 'work'. And I get to meet my heroes. And none come bigger than Keef. Many people - my parents chief among them - would say I could have picked a better r...

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  4. The Best Albums of 2012... So Far

    Mike Diver

    Six months down, six to go. BBC Music asked a selection of its own DJs and reviewers, plus a handful of friends from across the industry, to name their favourite albums of the year so far. And below are the results. Enjoy! Please note that these lists are not ranked - they're just five albums ...

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  5. Punk Britannia on BBC Four and 6 Music

    James Stirling (6 Music)

    John Lydon (Photo: Andy Dunn) June 2012 is a month of big anniversaries across the UK and in my role at BBC Radio 6 Music, I have had the pleasure of piecing together our Punk Britannia season alongside colleagues at BBC Four. Punk Britannia marks 35 years since Punk's heyday in 1977, whic...

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  6. The Best Albums of January 2012

    Mike Diver

    BBC Album Reviews Editor Mike Diver casts an ear over the best of the bunch from January's raft of new record releases. Album of the Month Django Django - Django Django (Because Music; released 30 January) Recommended by: 6 Music Album of the Day, Vic Galloway, Tom Robinson, Lauren Laver...

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