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  1. “Climate change is about people”: TV to encourage action in Cambodia

    Khuon Chandore

    Former Research Manager, BBC Media Action Cambodia

    “Climate change is about people”: TV to encourage action in Cambodia

    Hear from former Research Manager in Cambodia, Khuon Chandore, about our latest research into how climate change is affecting people in Cambodia, and how it informed our new climate TV show: Don't Wait For Rain.

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  2. UN Climate Talks: changing the conversation about climate change

    Delia Lloyd

    Senior Policy Manager, BBC Media Action

    BBC Media Action's Senior Policy Manager reports from a lively session at this week's UN climate change conference which shared best practice on climate change communication.

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  3. Climate Asia: feedback on the findings

    Tan Copsey

    Research Manager

    As the Climate Asia team head to the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, BBC Media Action's Tan Copsey blogs about how the project’s findings about how people in Asia are living with climate change is already proving valuable.

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  4. Putting communities at the heart of climate change communications

    Rishika Das Roy

    Senior Project Officer

    BBC Media Action's Rishika Das Roy on how villagers in rural Odisha used a toolkit from the Climate Asia project to help them to respond to climate change.   

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  5. From despair to hope

    Sabina Pradhan

    Research Officer, BBC Media Action in Nepal

    BBC Media Action's Sabina Pradhan in Nepal remembers one particular village she visited for Climate Asia, the largest survey into people’s understanding of climate change in Asia.

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  6. Climate Asia: explore the findings

    Damian Wilson

    Project Director for Climate Asia

    Over 33,000 interviews. Seven countries. Over 10 KB of data. The largest ever research study into people’s perceptions of climate change in Asia has published its results – and they’re all available online.

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  7. When six seasons became two

    Mohammed Ehsanul Haque Tamal

    Research Officer, Research and Learning Group, BBC Media Action, Bangladesh

    BBC Media Action's Md. Ehsanul Haque Tamal in Bangladesh on how conversations in Dhaka's Korail slum have helped to shape Asia's biggest ever survey about climate change. 

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  8. "Loss and damage from climate change": a view from Bangladesh

    Arif Al Mamun

    Senior Research Officer

    After rich nations' pledge to compensate poorer countries at the Doha climate change talks, BBC Media Action's senior research officer reflects on the realities facing his country.

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  9. How do you explain climate change to a taxi driver?

    Lottie Oram

    Assistant Project Manager for Asia, BBC Media Action

    Keeping specific audiences and their needs in mind was the topic of debate at the second annual climate communications day in Doha.

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  10. Know your audience

    Damian Wilson

    Project Director for Climate Asia

    BBC Media Action's Climate Asia team's challenge to attendees at the UN climate change conference in Doha.

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