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  1. Coming out about indoor pollution in Ethiopia

    Andrey Vladov

    Executive Editor

    Coming out about indoor pollution in Ethiopia

    A new radio drama is helping improve people’s health in Ethiopia by drawing attention to the harmful effects of traditional ways of cooking, heating and lighting homes.

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  2. Crowd-pleasing radio

    Amensisa Tefasilasie

    Sound technician

    Crowd-pleasing radio

    The Jember team pulled in the crowds when they set out to meet listeners face to face in Ethiopia’s Amhara region

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  3. Can we improve women's health without improving their status?

    Laura Smethurst

    Research Manager, BBC Media Action

    BBC Media Action's latest research found that women’s lack of power is a consistent barrier to improve women's health in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, South Sudan and India.

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  4. Making it stick: training that works

    Fiona Ledger

    Executive Editor, Radio, BBC Media Action in Myanmar

    Fiona Ledger, BBC Media Action's senior production manager in Ethiopia, talks about how to make training workshops that have a lasting impact – and deliver impressive results.

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  5. Accurate information for healthier lives

    Desalegn Assefa

    Radio producer and presenter, BBC Media Action in Ethiopia

    BBC Media Action’s radio producer and presenter in Ethiopia on making honest sexual health programming for young people.

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  6. Local heroines to inspire local people

    Selam Ayalew

    Project Manager

    Selam Ayalew describes how documentaries starring young Ethiopian women are helping rural communities to reflect on the benefits of 'girl power’.

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