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Manyang David Mayar

Senior Producer, BBC Media Action in South Sudan, Manyang has worked as a journalist for Voice of America’s South Sudan in Focus and the Juba Post newspaper.

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  1. “Gifts and lifts”: one reason girls drop out of school in South Sudan

    “Gifts and lifts”: one reason girls drop out of school in South Sudan

    In South Sudan, a radio programme is asking what can be done to help girls finish their education, in particular those who drop out after starting relationships with older men.

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  2. Investing in girls' education in South Sudan

    Only one girl in ten completes primary school in South Sudan. Our radio producers spoke to girls and their families about a new scheme that offers families financial support for school-related expenses.

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  3. Schools bring hope to South Sudan’s children

    Our radio producer visits a school in South Sudan that's giving a warm welcome to children who have fled the conflict.  

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  4. Missing friends in South Sudan

    BBC Media Action's South Sudanese team is praying hard for the safe return of two missing colleagues, says our producer in Juba.

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  5. South Sudan's elderly: the forgotten victims of conflict

    BBC Media Action's producer in South Sudan Manyang David Mayar tells the story of an 85-year-old grandmother who only narrowly survived the recent violence in Bor.

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  6. A baby born amid gunfire

    Manyang David Mayar, our producer in South Sudan, meets a mother who had to give birth in the bush after escaping fighting in the town of Bor.

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  7. Rumours and fear in South Sudan

    BBC Media Action's Manyang David Mayar is among the thousands of civilians fleeing heavy fighting in South Sudan and says misinformation is making life even more difficult for displaced people.

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  8. Pens down in South Sudan

    Manyang David Mayar, BBC Media Action's producer on a project supporting girls’ education, on how the current conflict in South Sudan is affecting the students he’s met. 

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