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BBC Online Briefing: Spring 2012 Final Q&A

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Ralph Rivera Ralph Rivera | 19:02 UK time, Friday, 11 May 2012

At the end of the BBC Online Briefing, Tim Davie, Roly Keating and I sat down to take questions. Here is the video:

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Ralph Rivera is the Director, BBC Future Media

Sarah Montague asked Roly Keating why the archive wasn't online, and whether the BBC should be more relaxed about allowing people to use its platforms.

Scott Driver of O2 asked when the BBC would refer to consumers rather than audience members.

His colleague picked up a panel discussion about supporting the streaming of the Olympics, and talked about how technology companies are organised for the challenge. His sentiment was tweeted by Paul Barwick:

it is true - this will be the first multi platform and multi media Olympics #bbconline - 2:50PM

Steve Parks from Code Enigma, himself a former BBC Radio journalist, asked what the supplier can do to make sure the relationship between supplier and BBC goes well - and what can be learnt from when projects have gone badly.

Balaji Abbabatulla ‏ (@balaabba) tweeted the heart of Ralph Rivera's answer:

Setting mutual expectations right is the key to successful relationships with suppliers @RalphRivera #bbconline - 2:54PM

Tim Davie talked about removing barriers, as Code Computerlove tweeted:

The BBC are breaking down internal walls to share great ideas and agencies #watchthisspace #bbconline - 2:55PM

Chris Jackson from Metabroadcast asked how quickly the ideas from Connected Studio can be driven into the core of the business.

Tim Davie talked about the drivers behind the move from bespoke systems, but Ralph's comments about the British words he's picked up gathered more social media comment.

Glyn Povah from O2 tweeted:

@ralphrivera thinks "we're on a journey" is code for "it'll take longer than we want". He is right. #code #bbconline - 2:59PM

Lee Thompson from BT Vision asked about Redux, which Sony's Edd Uzzell summed thus:

BBC Redux sounds like a better Usenet. 5+ years retention, all the content transmitted in that timeframe and growing. - 3:05PM


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