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BBC Online Industry Briefing: Audience Insight Beyond the Screens

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Holly Goodier Holly Goodier | 16:30 UK time, Monday, 21 November 2011

At each of our BBC Online & Red Button events, we share insights into audience behaviours with the industry.

At the last event in June we highlighted three themes: enduring experiences, dispersed attention and easy participation.  In Salford last week, the focus was on audience relationships with the four screens.

Here is a film of my presentation, "Beyond the Screens":

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Holly Goodier is the Head of Audiences, BBC Future Media

Delegates enjoyed finding out more about the audience, and their relationship with technology. Karen Lewis of Made by Pi summed up Holly's presentation:

Holly Goodier shares insights into media consumption discussed under each context: attachment, intent, ability, people and time #BBCOnline

The presentation includes short interviews, in which people talk about their relationship with the four screens.

Gareth Langley of Stardotstar noted another reason for not calling tablets "second screens" (BBC Research and Development use the term "companion device"):

showing vox pops about people's relationship with TV. some viewers saying that the TV is the 2nd screen... #BBConline

Glyn Povah of Telefonica UK was struck by one young man's attachment to his mobile phone:

Mobile Phone it's my life...like an extra limb....like my heart #BBCOnline

And Mike Dicks of PACT repeated just how ubiquitous mobiles have become:

#bbconline 97% of homes have TV's and 130% of people have a mobile phone

Holly talked about how different people use different devices at different times, as Jon Howard, a BBC Children's developer team leader, tweeted:

@swingpants: Smartphone ~> Comedy, Console ~> Kid/Family, Tablet ~> Arts. Holly Goodies, Audiences #bbconline

Frank, a digital agency, summed the demographic insights up made a (not entirely accurate) joke about some of the insights in the presentation:

#BBConline briefing. Turns out that tablets are mostly used by wealthy men to watch factual and arts programmes at home in the evening.

(Tweets added by Ian McDonald; corrected 14:15 Nov 22)



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