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BBC Online Industry Briefing: Trending on Twitter

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Ian McDonald Ian McDonald | 13:50 UK time, Friday, 18 November 2011

People in suits and serried ranks of chairs, listening to an offscreen speaker.

Speakers listen to Victoria Derbyshire after Ralph Rivera sits down after his keynote. From right to left: Holly Goodier, Rachel Bardill, Phil Buckley, Cait O'Riordan and Ralph Rivera.

The delegates are all back at base, hopefully digesting the content of yesterday's BBC Online Industry Briefing. Before I put all the talks and videos online, here's a brief flavour of how the day went.

Trendsmap said that #BBCOnline was the second highest trending topic in Manchester at points in the afternoon. (They meant Greater Manchester. Ralph told us that taxi drivers had warned him not to confuse straightforward Manchester with Salford.)

Delegates were very interested in the R&D tour, particularly the talking Dalek. Emma Cooper of Team Cooper Limited tweeted:

Really interesting day at media city, loved tour of r&d, going to go read more about universal remote API & think re my screens #bbconline

Ralph Rivera announced a new £1m innovations fund, with regular hackdays and short-run 10-12 week projects. As delegates were briefed on audiences and business developement, Glyn Povah of Telefonica was distracted by the view:

Getting Vertigo here on top floor of Media City #BBCOnline

There were some good questions too. Steve Reynolds (@jedifireblade) tweeted:

Good discussion around content on multiple devices, and online content, no talk so far on the bandwidth challenges we face #bbconline

Mike Dicks of indie trade group PACT looked at his packed diary:

#Salford and #Manchester are a media hotbed today, #mf11, #BBConline, #pactuk seminar and a little gig with @garybarlow

Glyn Povah continued to tweet through the day:

All this tweeting at #BBCOnline is rapidly depleeting my #iPhone battery. If it goes silent you know why

I'll post the videos from the event, with the comments around each talk, starting with Ralph Rivera's keynote today.

Ian McDonald is the Content Producer, BBC Internet blog


  • Comment number 1.

    "no talk so far on the bandwidth challenges we face"

    What bandwidth challenges, I wonder. We have, generally, lots and lots of network capacity, it's just really badly used. Things like insisting on streaming rather than downloading of media, and server to client rather than P2P distribution, create artificial bottlenecks where none need to exist.


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