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BBC Journalism Portal White Paper

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Peter Coles | 10:31 UK time, Friday, 9 September 2011

Occasionally the BBC publishes technology related blogs to explain the direction and ambition of our technology, or simply to share ideas and explore our current thinking.

Spencer Piggott published the BBC's Technology Strategy paper on the BBC Internet blog, and earlier this year wrote an updated blog on the associated roadmaps which are underpinning our technology decision making. Understanding how technology helps us deliver our audience goals leads to more fruitful conversations across the broadcast industry as a whole, and helps focus the relationships with our partners and nurtures greater understanding amongst technology suppliers.

Attached to this blog is a White Paper (PDF) which seeks to achieve similar outcomes. It explains the development of the BBC Journalism Portal and explores how the BBC, along with other news broadcasters and technology suppliers is looking to exploit current technology solutions. It complements and builds on a number of the themes set out in the BBC Technology Strategy paper thereby, we hope, stimulating and focussing debate in a very practical way around a specific topic - the development and shape of newsroom production tools in the future.

Many recent news stories, such as the riots in England and the "Arab Spring" have emphasised the centrality of social media both in terms of the networking and co-ordination capability they provide, but also in the eyewitness reporting opportunities they offer, providing a new connection and immediacy with a story previously not possible. It is exactly these capabilities and collaboration opportunities that BBC News has sought to harness for its journalists by the development of the Journalism Portal - a web based system built on top of industry standard collaboration software to create one portal for the journalism community within the BBC.

Furthermore, the BBC's Journalism Portal seeks to take the first steps in supporting the growing demands of multi platform and multimedia production, through the concept of story based production. In essence the Portal strives to be the "mash up" point for information and data around which journalists can come together across the BBC as a single community irrespective of their location. Using the portal to share information and the best content on stories or for planning purposes is leading to more effective ways of working and importantly is adding speed and depth to our journalism.

I hope you find the White Paper/case study stimulating.

Peter Coles is Technology Controller, Journalism

View the Journalism Portal White Paper as a PDF here.


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