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What's On BBC Red Button 7th - 20th June 2011

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Lisa Dawson Lisa Dawson | 16:30 UK time, Monday, 6 June 2011

BBC Red Button Blog 

Great Film Scores

From Monday morning 13th June - for one fabulous week, press red to watch Great Film Scores Live.

Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode are joined by the BBC Philharmonic for a special performance of music from popular film scores.

With help from the orchestra Simon and Mark will look at what's turned these pieces into evocative classics and why music is so important in film.

The red button show will contain performance from two 5 Live and Radio 3 film music events, both recorded in front of a live studio audience.

This is part of a season of BBC Philharmonic events, celebrating the move to their new Salford studio.
For more about the season, please see the full press release

Sky/ Virgin Media/ Freesat
Mon 13th June, 6:00am-4:00am 19th June (continuous coverage)

Mon 13th June, 6:00am-7:50pm
Tue 14th June, 6:00am-5:00pm & 6:10pm-7:50pm
Wed 15th June, 6:00am-5:00pm & 6:10pm-7:50pm
Thu 16th June, 6:00am-10:50am & 11:50am-5:00pm & 6:10pm-7:50pm
Fri 17th June, 4:10am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm & 6:10pm-6:00am
Sat 18th June, 6:00am-1:15pm & 6:10pm-6:00am
Sun 19th June, 6:00am-8:50am & 3:10pm-4:00am

Authors Live

Children's writer Andy Stanton, author of the hilarious and zany Mr Gum books, has been described by The Observer as "one of the best performers on the children's literary circuit". A winner of a Blue Peter Book Award, Andy's writing style has been described as a cross between Roald Dahl and Monty Python.

Catch this special performance live along with an invited audience of enthusiastic young readers gathered at BBC Scotland's Glasgow headquarters. Authors Live is a series, presented in partnership with the Scottish Book Trust, featuring some of the biggest names writing books for children today.

For more information on forthcoming Authors Live events and highlights from previous authors click here

Sky/ Virgin Media/ Freesat:
Thu 16th June, 11:00am-12:00pm

Thu 16th June, 11:00am-11:40am

Trooping the Colour

Alongside coverage of the festivities on BBC One, BBC Red Button viewers can enjoy the pageantry without any commentary or films. Coverage will also continue on the red button after it finishes on BBC One, offering viewers a unique opportunity to see more of the day's events, including the famous Buckingham Palace balcony appearance and the flypast of the Royal Air Force.

All platforms:
Sat 11th June, 10:30am-1:15pm

Springwatch 2011 Photo Gallery

This year, Springwatch fans will be able to press red to view our pick of spring nature photos taken by our audience, who have been busy capturing the wildlife of spring in all its glory. The images are selected by the Springwatch team from photos the viewers have uploaded on the Springwatch Flickr group.

The Springwatch red button service will be available on Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media after Springwatch or Springwatch Unsprung at 9pm Mondays - Thursdays as well as selected times during the week.

To get involved and upload photos or for further information go to bbc.co.uk/Springwatch

Sky/ Virgin Media/ Freesat:
Mon 6th June, 6:00am-4:00am Thu 16th June (continuous coverage)

Mon 6th June, 8:10pm-9:50pm
Tue 7th June, 12:10am-6:50am & 8:10pm-9:50pm
Wed 8th June, 12:10am-6:50am & 8:10pm-9:50pm
Thu 9th June, 4:10am-6:50am & 8:10pm-9:50pm
Fri 10th June, 4:10am-6:50am
Mon 13th June, 8:00pm-5:50am
Tue 14th June, 8:00pm-5:50am
Wed 15th June, 8:00pm-5:50am
Thu 16th June, 8:00pm-4:00am

Horrible Histories Quiz

Things get a little gory behind the blood red button with the Horrible Histories quiz!  Viewers can press red to play along with the quiz based on horrible happenings across history.  There'll be gory, funny clips from the brand new series with questions from days gone by.  The quiz is hosted by Horrible Histories regular cast member Martha Howe Douglas in the guise of a Georgian peasant girl.
Have some horrible fun on the Horrible Histories website

The quiz will be available from 30th May to 8th June, between 7:00am and 7:00pm daily on Freeview and Sky (please note that there will be a limited service on Freeview).
Mon 6th June- Fri 10th June, 7:00am-7:00pm (daily)

Mon 6th June- Fri 10th June, 7:00am-12:20pm (daily)

Stewart Lee Presents....

Behind the Red Button after every episode of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle you will find some of Stewart's favourite comedians and musical performers in conversation with Stewart, and performing sets on stage at the Mildmay Club.

Sky/Virgin Media/ Freesat:
Mon 6th June- Sun 12th June, 9:00pm-4:00am

Wed 8th June, 11:45pm-4:00am
Fri 10th June, 12:10am-4:00am

Question Time

Take part in the studio debate by sending a text message to the Question Time team.
Each week a selection of viewers' comments will appear during the programme on BBC Red Button page 155 along with details of the panel and the topics under discussion.
Available during the show (BBC One).

Thu 9th & 16th June, 10:35pm-11:35pm

News Multiscreen: Video Choice

Each weekday BBC News' On Demand team will be rounding-up the day's strongest news pictures to bring viewers a two-minute package of highlights. On weekends the tone becomes more conversational when Red Button viewers can watch a topical interview in 'Five Minutes with...' or a round-up of the week's weird and wonderful videos in OddBox.
Video Choice: Weekdays (available around the clock)
Five Minutes With... / OddBox: Weekends (around the clock)

Sky & Virgin:
(Not available on Freeview or Freesat)

CBeebies Red Button

BBC Red Button welcomes younger viewers and grown-ups with a sense of adventure to the big, bright and fun world of CBeebies interactive!

Now your children's favourite characters are at the heart of the interactive TV experience. Satellite and digital terrestrial viewers will have slightly different offerings from one another. This has enabled us to offer the best games tailored to each system.

CBeebies Red Button is available now on the CBeebies channel, and via page 5900 on other channels. Sky & Freeview.

BBC Sport Multiscreen*

Catch up on all the latest Sport via the BBC Sport multiscreen. Headlines are available around the clock with up to five additional streams available to cover the best that BBC Sport has to offer.
Please note that Red Button sport timings are subject to change at short notice.

For the latest information refer to the BBC Sport website.


  • Formula 1: Classic F1 & Canadian Grand Prix
    MotoGP: Live coverage from Catalunya & Silverstone
    Tennis: French Open, Queens Tennis & Wimbledon Preview
    Cricket: TMS England v Sri Lanka
    Athletics: Diamond League Athletics from New York
    Triathlon: Women's & Men’s Triathlons
    Horse racing: Last races from Royal Ascot
    Rowing: World Cup rowing from Hamburg, Germany

*Note all Red Button times are subject to change at short notice

BBC Red Button


  • Comment number 1.

    I know you're probably sick of hearing this, but is there any rough estimate for when Freesat red button services will be treated more like Sky and Freeview ones? You have done a great job getting the less interactive streams, and the online streams, up there, and I thank you for that, but things like the news multiscreen and the more interactive streams (eg children's games, etc.) appear to be neglected.

    I know it costs development time and money writing MHEG5 apps (but in some cases they already exist for Freeview, so would surely only need minor tweaks to work on Freesat - that's why Freesat chose MHEG5, surely?), but especially for things that would be used constantly and by many, like News Multiscreen, I think it would be a great addition for the platform.

    I know you probably have a busy schedule at the moment, what with working out what to do with the extra space now you have a DVB-S2 transponder (which is obviously much higher priority than this), which is why I'm just asking for more information on the approximate date when this is likely to be looked at. I personally can wait a good deal longer (though I do miss Multiscreen from the days when Freeview had it), but it'd be nice to know approximately how long I'll be waiting ;)

  • Comment number 2.

    Simple question, do you regard message boards (and their closures) as being not part of the BBC Online package? Off topic question, too, but when you won't offer it up as a topic, what choice do we have?

  • Comment number 3.

    Joe K - you are indeed off topic. This blog post explains the BBC's social media strategy, including message boards.

    No more off topic comments please.


  • Comment number 4.

    Lisa Dawson has a nice smile.

  • Comment number 5.

    And I did thank you as well, Nick, but there was a 'problem' with my post. The Beeb are trying to fix it, though...

    'Thanks, Nick. As I said, I don't *want* to be off topic, but that blog post is from January, and the discussion long ended. Where is the *new* blog post where, for example, we can ask why the comment facility of Nick Robinson's blog is so user-hostile, compared to, say, The Archers' blog, or this one, which are both simplicity itself? Reading down the page, who'd have thought..?

    'Oh, and I see that blog post is also closed for comments now.'

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello - is it possible to watch the Red Button stream(s) within the BBC iPlayer? You seem to be able to watch every other BBC Channel live, just not the red button...

  • Comment number 7.

    sd8974 - they're not highlighted via the iPlayer (perhaps they should be!) but any red button content which is live sport is generally on the BBC Sport website, whilst usually the rest is looped content which more often than not is on the relevent BBC websites, though not necessarily the iPlayer.

    A few months away from the BBC blogs for me but the same old problem about the lack of a second Freeview interactive stream - so frustrating the BBC has the Diamond League rights but more often than not they don't seem to be on Freeview, not even delayed.

    Anyway though, a possible solution for 2012 now. In Scotland the BBC are now removing their radio channels at night to make way for BBC Alba - is it possible the BBC will do this nationwide for London 2012 so Freeview folk get three interactive streams (inc 301 and BBC Parliament) and therefore coverage is on a par with Beijing - and a little bit closer though still a few streams short of satellite and cable. I see no excuse not too really and it would be great for the BBC to finally acknowledge it's a problem which needs addressing.

    Also a year out I hope for London 2012 we see a dedicated interactive service and not the same old generic BBC Sport skin. If one-off red button events can get their own look surely the biggest event to happen in the UK in our lifetimes deserves it too - plus a bit of thought please into how the content on the text service is divided too. In Beijing although the content was there it wasn't as easy to navigate as the dedicated service Athens had four years earlier - so seperate menus for things like schedules and results to news would be beneficial.

  • Comment number 8.

    Please would you be able to bring some or all of the Ceefax pages below brought over to Red Button?

    Letters (Ceefax page 145)
    Local News' Contacts (Ceefax page 180)
    Government infomation (BBC 2 Ceefax 460 (Index), 461, 470)
    The date of the Film Chart! (Ceefax 529 does , under Entertainment Extra 520 on Red Button just doesn't have the Chart Date on)
    NHSBT (BBC 2 Ceefax 465)
    BBC One Lifeline Appeal (Ceefax page 619)
    And various bits and pieces from Ceefax pages 695, 697 and 698. With the completion of DSO in Scotland next week, only those living in Northern Ireland and seven itv1 regions (some part) have access to this information on broadcast televsion Ceefax.

  • Comment number 9.

    I've filed a request via the Contact Us forms... but as there is more material being made available via Red Button - please could the BBC consider releasing the Red Button content onto iPlayer... and/or offer the Red Button streams via iplayer? That way - if the PVR is busy recording something else (I only have an analogue TV at present that I use as a monitor), I can at least use catch-up services...

    Quick win for you guys.

  • Comment number 10.

    I have found a partial answer to my query at post 8

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello Sue_Aitch
    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the digital text pages on BBC Red Button. I have contacted the relevant product owners about the page corrections you have mentioned. In regards to the Ceefax pages that are not on BBC Red Button, we are always looking for ways that we can improve the service and have taken note of your suggestion. Whilst the facility you suggest is not currently available we do review all services on a regular basis. For news on the latest updates and changes make sure to check back regularly.

    Lisa Dawson

  • Comment number 12.

    Talking of correction so often there are simple mistakes in the "Other Sport" section - a story about Boxing will be marked Cycling for example.

    And every year for The Oscars the results are completely screwed up.


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