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BBC Online Industry Briefing: Keynote

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Ralph Rivera Ralph Rivera | 14:10 UK time, Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ralph Rivera , Director Future Media, began the BBC Online Industry Briefing on Friday 17 June with this presentation on connected storytelling.


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Delegates noted that BBC's online external spend was mostly protected from the 25% cut. Anderew Fox of Livework reported:

Aiming to work more transparently with digital media industry. Spent £19.5m last year. Expected £18m this year (post cuts).
17 Jun 15:10

Five's Kaustav Bhattacharya enjoyed the idea of media as the meeting of storytelling and technoloy - past, present, and future:

JupiterOrbit #bbconline @ralphrivera reveals that he's a Trekkie and he sees the BBC's storytelling on the holodeck of the future.
17 Jun 14:22

Drew Wilkins, director of Fish in a Bottle Ltd, might not be an EastEnders fan:

DrewMedia‎ @jupiterorbit @ralphrivera #bbconline Eastenders on the holodeck! #shudder
17 Jun 2011 14:23


  • Comment number 1.

    One of the prime aspirations in the video introduction was the notion of 'debating'.

    How do you envisage this being implemented? Does, for example, the BBC intend to provide spaces for debate about your programmes, or do you envisage such spaces being provided by external parties?


  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Russ - the BBC already provides spaces for debate about its' programmes and debate about BBC programmes occurs elsewhere as well.

    So the short answer to your question is probably "both, as now".


  • Comment number 3.

    Thank you for posting this interesting presentation. Conceptually all seems fair enough.

    A few thoughts on the presentation content:

    Doing fewer things, better. This sounds like a business school slogan. All corporations love this sort of thing. I suppose it sounds better than Doing less because it's cheaper! Let's hope you really do mean better.

    A large department store needs more than one door. Another poster keeps going on about landing pages and I agree that it should be easy to get straight to the areas of interest.

    Debate is good. Debate is social in other ways than those provided by most mainstream social sites that tend to encourage the trivial and unchallenging. Non trivial debate needs more than the "soundbytes" of Twitter and more than the 400 characters available on most BBC web comment areas. How could I respond meaningfully to this presentation except on your older blog format? I would have no issue with debates in an external space as long as they are linked to your content as the official place to go. This needs to be so as how otherwise will the BBC know about the debates in order to provide any responses to them? Hopefully this will indeed lead to audiences that are connected to each other.

    Appreciation goes down if you handle change badly. The BBC News blogs and BBC Ouch are prime examples of doing it badly. Again I hope that lessons are learnt and explanations, other than corporate mantra, forthcoming.

    Social is not just pointing to items of shared interest. It must allow for discovery of challenging and informative new ideas. This may be where a combination of social and algorithmic pointers come in. It does make me a bit nervous that it could result in users following other peoples' agendas but that probably already happens. This indeed is a bit Reithean. Educate, inform, entertain must remain the core.

    Finally, you may have stopped saying dollar but you still say fall!


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