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A week's work experience with BBC Future Media and Technology

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Sariqa Ali | 11:10 UK time, Monday, 19 July 2010

Editor's note (PM): Sariqa Ali spent a week doing work experience in BBC Future Media and Technology having applied via the BBC work experience website. Sariqa has just completed her GCSEs and is planning to take Maths, History, Chemistry and Biology A levels. She's interested in working in the media after college "preferably on the technical or financial side".

This week I was fortunate to spend my time interning at the BBC in the Future Media and Technology department as well as being given the opportunity to blog about my week! So what did I get up to:

Day 1: Social

On the first day, I was with the social team, which was an informative and interesting experience as I got to discover information about their current project, BBC iD, which involves creating an account on the BBC website. I was able to clearly understand what they were discussing as it involved connecting the iD to Facebook and Twitter, two sites I'm extremely familiar with!

I was also given an in-depth insight into the world of a developer, one who helps to actually create the product. I found this information fascinating and intend to continue to research the field.

Day 2: A different aspect of Social

During the first part of the day I learnt about the BBC blogs. I previously ran a blog and it was great to find out how the BBC went about it. I was able to look at the different types of blogs and see what was common between them as well as using the system myself to create a post. I sat in on a meeting as well and was able to witness how members of different departments interacted which gave a great insight into how they came together to discuss a common project and how they worked together.

I also got the chance to visit Television Centre which was exciting, as I was able to see some of the TV studios.

Day 3: Search Editorial Team

I spent the third day with the Search team, initially I didn't realise how much work was put into the search system of the BBC but after spending my day with them I quickly realised the importance of their work creating the unique BBC search system. One of the tasks I received involved finding some children's websites which could be used as external links, which turned out to be pretty challenging. As they were for children they had to be up to a very high certain standard, nevertheless I enjoyed the challenge and managed to come up with a few suggestions.

Day 4: iPlayer and User Experience & Design

Day four was split, in the morning I was given an in-depth insight into the iPlayer and spent time with different members of the team as well as learning about the job of a business analyst. In the afternoon I spent time with the User Experience & Design team. I personally tend to focus on the business and technical side but it was a great opportunity to get into a creative zone. I was given the task of creating my own version of iPlayer and discussed my ideas with the team - who knows, maybe they will appear on the site one day!

Day 5: iPlayer & Marketing, Communication and Audience

My final day was spent with iPlayer. I sat in on a meeting to witness the progress since the previous meeting as well as giving my own feedback regarding the new iPlayer. I was given the opportunity to speak with the Marketing, Communication and Audience team which allowed me to get another perspective of the iPlayer. I enjoyed this as I got to see the way iPlayer makes its way into other forms of media.

Overall the week was a great experience, I was able to find out about many of the different jobs and how a large company works. The teams and staff were incredibly helpful and friendly and made my time at the BBC interesting and memorable.



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