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BBC News linking policy (2)

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 16:13 UK time, Thursday, 1 April 2010

(Editor's note: Recently Steve Herrmann wrote a post on the Editors blog about external linking from the BBC News website . Today he's responded with some answers to your questions:)

... Hosting source documents: On whether we should host or mirror certain source documents (government reports, budget documents, for example) or
simply link: we are keen to simply link when possible, and we are talking to Directgov, for example, about making sure this works well. But if, on any occasion, the best way to ensure quick and simple access for you looks like hosting them ourselves, that's what we'll continue to do.

Languages: Some of you ask about linking to non-English sites. We
are going to add more numerous and prominent links to our own BBC websites in different languages at index level soon. At story level, it depends on the journalist being able to read, check and understand the content he or she is linking to.

Subscription sites: There seem to be mixed views among those of you who have replied to this question, but a number of you say that if we link to content which must be paid for, we should label it as such. We are still working on this. Currently the Newstracker module indicates if the link is going to a site that may require registration...

Read more and comment at the BBC News Editors blog

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