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What happens to The Proms after the Royal Albert Hall?

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Mark Kortekaas Mark Kortekaas | 09:54 UK time, Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Earlier this year, we broadcast another fantastic season of the BBC Proms. Every concert is broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, with some concerts also broadcast on television - mainly BBC Four, but also BBC HD, BBC Two and BBC One. That meant many live broadcasts live from the Royal Albert Hall - a building which is a number of miles away from Radio 3's studios in Broadcasting House.

So how does the audio get from the Royal Albert Hall into my FM/DAB/Internet Radio at home? And what happens to it along the way? How much is the audio in the Royal Albert Hall "dynamically compressed" (where the quiet bits get louder and the louder bits get quieter), and is any of the audio signal chucked away by using bandwidth limiting? And how might you get the best quality from our Proms coverage? I've always been interested in this; so here's what happens:

For Radio 3 transmission, on iPlayer and others...

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