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The new look 5 live website is now live

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Paul Murphy Paul Murphy | 14:41 UK time, Monday, 7 September 2009

Editor's note: The redesigned 5 live website is now live. You can read about the new look and features and leave your comments on the almost as new 5 live blog. Jags Parbha, senior content producer at BBC Radio 5 live, explains some of the decisions behind the changes. (PM) 5 live home page

The new 5 live website is finally visible to the world. This first phase sees the launch of a new look and feel, chapter points, better navigation, a new archive for Mark Kermode's film reviews and full use of the programme brand pages. See my previous post for more information. It's early days for the new site and experience tells us that some of the new features won't be 100% operational for a day or two. If you see anything that's not working as you'd expect it to, please leave a comment to let us know.

The second phase will see the launch of 5 live Now pulling together the best comments sent via text messages, email and online onto a single page, in real-time, alongside the on-air discussion. We'll also be launching new presenter videos from across our network.

Read more and comment on the 5 live blog.

Jags Parbha is senior content producer at BBC Radio 5 live and is responsible for the site redesign.

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