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HTML 5 and timed media

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Sam Dutton Sam Dutton | 11:49 UK time, Thursday, 13 August 2009

HTML 5 work

HTML 5 is the next version of HTML, the markup language used on the web. Not all the details of the HTML 5 standard have been agreed, but many of the proposed changes and new features have already been implemented in existing browsers.

As part of our work on the P2P-Next project, we built a simple HTML5 demo that works in current versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome: a sample of RAD's R&D TV with subtitles and chapter navigation. This will not work in current versions of Internet Explorer, nor earlier versions of Firefox etc.

What we built

HTML5_screenie-350.jpgThis prototype plays video and audio without plugins, and allows jumping to chapters and 'scrubbing' within the content. It uses simple JavaScript framework to enable web page elements to be changed via individual HTML or CSS 'events', and for loosely-coupled publish/subscribe control of page components such as carousels. In particular, our JavaScript enables synchronised changes to HTML and CSS relative to a 'time parent', such as an audio or video clip, or even clock time. In addition, our solution needs to work with live events, whereby pages would be propagated in real-time.

Read more and comment at the RAD blog.

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