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The Green, Green Grass of Home

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Ashley Stewart-Noble Ashley Stewart-Noble | 14:45 UK time, Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Last night my Twitter alerts page for "BBC Homepage" lit up like a Christmas tree. On looking, I noticed that the sudden interest was caused by Tweets suggesting the BBC Homepage had changed its colour scheme to green to show solidarity with the Iranian protesters.

This is not the case.

The colour change was a pure coincidence and one that has appeared several times since the weekend, but only spotted and Tweeted last night.

green_bbc_home_pageWe change the colour palette on the BBC Homepage to tie in with the default picture that appears in the highlights box in the top right hand corner of the UK-facing homepage. When you click separate tabs, the colour palette changes. Last night's was green to pick up on the background of the image we used to showcase Comedy Extra. The colours we choose are also reflected on the international facing homepage which changes its palette when we change ours.

Colour changes on the home page are not made to reflect the news and sport agenda. Should breaking news interrupt our editorial schedule for that area, we default to the colour used by BBC News (Red).

grey_bbc_home_page2As a user, you can stop this colour rotation by going into the 'Add more to this page' section of the homepage and selecting a permanent default colour of your own. I find the colour changes a little distracting, so I have, with a nod to my Goth past, gone for grey.

Ashley Stewart-Noble is Senior Content Producer, BBC Homepage and BBC iPlayer, BBC Future Media & Technology



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