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Good Radio Club: a follow up

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Paul Murphy Paul Murphy | 10:30 UK time, Tuesday, 23 June 2009

While not everyone remains convinced that radio with pictures is anything other than television I've only seen good things about the Good Radio Club experiment being run by colleagues over at Radio 4. Bluntly speaking Good Radio Club is the juxtaposition of two different media, Twitter and a selected live radio broadcast, with listeners posting links and commenting on the programme while they listen. It's all made possible by the judicious use of the hashtag to round up the relevant tweets.

There are several things about Good Radio Club that appeal to me not least the fact that anyone can set up their own club. It doesn't require any permissions, insider involvement or anything more complicated than a Twitter account and a radio. The other thing I like is that while for some it's a welcome enhancement of the radio experience when applied selectively, the rest of the audience can choose their level of participation as is reflected in this lovely graphic that's been produced by the Radio 4 Blog's editor.

You can also read the very informative Reith 2009 in the Twitterverse over at the Radio 4 Blog.




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