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Feedback: The good, the bad and the just plain weird

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Mandy Pollard | 16:42 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

Within the editorial team of BBC Mobile, we are responsible for replying to all the feedback that comes in about the mobile site, mobile iPlayer and live TV/radio on your mobile. As you can imagine, we get quite a range of queries and comments; positive, negative and some that are just slightly strange!

We receive hundreds of emails a day covering a wide range of subjects, including: problems with the mobile site, appreciation (yes, we get some nice comments as well) and queries about a particular piece of content or pointing out the odd spelling mistake (come on, no one's perfect) and asking why, for example, last night's Apprentice isn't yet live on mobile iPlayer.

To give you a taste of the kind if feedback we get, here are some examples from the past few weeks.

To start off, a bit of the good stuff:

Some of our users think we're just 'the best' - we really love them.

'You are flawless upto the point and very reliable.Highly informative,keep it up as you are the world s leading and best media org'

'Love the mobile site on my iPhone ... Superfast'

'Brilliant stuff. Always my first stop on my BlackBerry. Keep it up. Thanks.'

We recently launched a new mobile homepage and improved News and Sport pages which generated a lot of feedback response, some of which was very positive:

'the site is exceptionally good now especially being able to customise the page now with all of your favourites. Plus the size of the page is perfect!'

'The new mobile website is a great improvement. It's so much better having access to all the additional content. Well done, from a very regular bbc website user.'

'....It is quick to navigate, has access to many things conveniently located further down pages without needing to dig through sub headings.'

'You seem to be making a good site better. Pleased about quicker updates.'

However it wasn't all good news from our users:

'New site is so slow to move around. The older site was much more intuitive. Miss the simple way of moving to the next story. Now its having to keep going back to the front page each time. Lets have the old site back.'

'Sorry but I think the service has gone backwards. Main reason for using BBC mobile is faster loading times and getting information quickly. There seem to be fewer stories on BBC top stories meaning I have to navigate by sport.'

'I used to find the 'next story' link very helpful on the previous site, as I could easily navigate through the headline stories that you had without awkwardly having to go back and select the next.'

[We take all comments like the 3 above really seriously and these were all fed into the News team to investigate and look into]

Mobiles can be tricky devices and occasionally a small change in firmware or a rogue update can result in issues with a service:

'i cannot download straight to my nokia n96 from i player mobile. I have sent numerous emails please help'

[This was an issue that we had with the N96 and downloading iPlayer to the phone - we're happy to say that this has now been resolved.]

'hi i was wondering can not seem to play any bbci videos on my nokia 5800 but i can download it nd watch it on the phone however i was able to watch the videos online a couple of days ago can you please help me with this problem.'

[This was a result of a Nokia software update, which has also been resolved.]

And a happy customer as a result of the fix:

'Thanks guys, started working again!!! now i can watch eastenders on my phone :D you really know how to make a man happy :)'

And finally, some of the slightly more odd feedback we get (a guilty pleasure for us here we have to admit).

We have users writing in looking for their missing relatives. Unfortunately, as good as we are at tracking down problems with the mobile services, we can't offer to track down relatives.

Then there are the numerous users who use language we can't repeat on this blog directed at football clubs and their managers. Again, we can bring you the action as it happens but are afraid we can't affect it.

Nor can we indulge the users who ask us to provide adult content (not really a great use of the licence fee, we think).

And while we can't always help, we can sometimes sympathise. One user wrote in to tell us about his frustrations when people spit on the streets - and we're happy to say that frustrates us too.

If you want to send us any feedback:

You can do so via the 'Contact us' links which you will find at the bottom of every page of the mobile site, including the mobile iPlayer and live TV/radio sections. Aside from helping you out with any queries, we really appreciate general feedback on our services - new or existing - to help us analyse what works well or doesn't work so well and to help plan for the future of BBC Mobile.

To help us, and to help you get a reply:

We get hundreds of feedback queries and comments each day. We can't reply individually to every query but to increase your chances of an individual reply, please include the following information:

* Handset model (manufacturer and model)
* Firmware version (if known)
* Connection type (3G/Wi-Fi)
* Mobile network/Internet Service Provider
* Content accessed or failed to access (eg a specific programme in iPlayer or iPlayer as whole; a specific page or the entire mobile site etc)
* Error message displayed on the handset (if any) or exact nature of the problem you are experiencing
* Your location (UK/abroad)

You will also get an auto response message from us which confirms that your email has been delivered, provides useful links and outlines the areas where we can (or can't) help with queries. This doesn't mean that you won't hear from us directly (depending on what your query is of course), however we definitely can't reply to any non-mobile related feedback - but we will do our best to reply to the rest.

Mandy Pollard and Kieran Wyatt are Senior Content Producers


  • Comment number 1.

    Please please help
    I have been brought a nokia 5800 xpress music as a prezzie -on the basis that 'her indoors likes to listen/watch the bbc' (in UK)
    I used it without the sim card- as this wasnt due to activate for a few days
    The i-player was working fine and would stream across my home wi-fi with no problems
    Then I put the T-mobile sim card in and it stopped working. The click to play button appears but then nothing happens
    I realise that there is an issue with Tmobile over the phone networks- but it will no longer work over my wi-fi
    T-mobile shop couldnt help beyond clearing cache etc
    It feels like the player knows that phone is t-mobile phone and wont have anything to do with it. Removing the sim card doesnt make it work!
    iplayer is 2.5.0(141)
    Cant find the firmware version- I did a check for updates and it didnt find any to do
    Please can you help

  • Comment number 2.

    k richmond - have you tried contacting T-mobile directly?

    Also you could try the BBC iPlayer message board.

  • Comment number 3.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.


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