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George Wright George Wright | 20:37 UK time, Monday, 16 February 2009

Editor's note - there's a new blog in town! As always we wish George and his team well.

Hi everyone. You're reading the first post on the new blog from the people working in RAD. We're a new, small team within BBC Future Media and Technology. I'm George Wright and I head up RAD. I have, and will continue to, blog on the main BBC Internet blog ( available here )

RAD works on near term prototypes, products and services across all digital platforms. We're part of a wider group encompassing Mobile, Audio and Music, and are based in London, W1. Our colleagues in Audio and Music already have an excellent blog at Radio Labs, as does the Journalism team, and we hope to emulate their approach to sharing new ideas and gain insight into your thoughts using the Web.

RAD completed recruitment and opened its doors in November 2008. We have a remit which stretches across all digital platforms and content areas, trying to help shape the BBC's thinking, encourage liaision with longer term research (both internally, within the BBC's fantastic R&D department, and externally, be it with academic partners or startups), and release code and output which delivers new ways of tackling problems like distribution for AV content, service discovery, UI and UX for new platforms, and much more.

Read more and comment at the RAD Labs blog

George Wright runs the RAD (Rapid Application Development) team in BBC Future Media & Technology.

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