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Interesting Stuff 2008-10-14

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Alan Connor | 08:30 UK time, Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Following Erik's call for Digital Media Everywhere, cnet has a combined boast / consumer journalism piece called BBC iPlayer Goes Mobile: Which Player Is Best?:

We've got almost all the devices the iPlayer is compatible with in our capacious desk drawers, so we thought it'd be awfully charitable of us to load up some BBC content and take our favourite players for a spin.


Dianne See Morrison of mocoNews blogs here at the Washington Post about the Beeb's work with Open DRM, remarking that "[a]s for downloading TV programs with the iPhone, that might take awhile":

Why? Because Apple doesn't license its DRM to third party users, and so far, unlike Nokia and several other handset makers, doesn't support the OMA DRM 2 specification.


Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation have left a message for BBC Backstage.



Over at our sister blog in News, The Editors, Assistant Editor of Interactivity Matthew Eltringham has news from the UGC Hub - "we've decided to try out a reporter whose beat is simply all the content you've been sending in to us - our first Interactive Reporter":

Siobhan Courtney has been with us for a fortnight now and has already scored two major successes - last week she revealed the extent of the initiation rites that students at some British universities undergo. [...]
This week she has spoken to some of the thousands of students who e-mailed us because they have yet to receive their educational maintenance allowances worth up to £30 a week [...]
She's got lots more stories already in the pipeline

As they say, read on and comment at The Editors. Also, ex-BBC News Alf Hermida gives some context at Reportr.net and Peter Brantley at O'Reilly TOC says "this deserves to be pondered."



Ex-Beeber and sometime Internet Blog guest contributor Martin Belam continues his research into how broadcasters and news organisations use social bookmarks with a comparison of how often BBC News content is bookmarked as compared to material from the rest of the BBC website:

Now, of course, the content on the BBC News site is the most likely to lend itself to the kind of social sharing site like Reddit or Newsvine, but it is astonishingly dominant over content appearing on www.bbc.co.uk - by a factor of 67 to 1.

Which means that if you're the kind of person who "does" Digg, you can have a tremendous effect on Internet Blog if you and your Digg buddies hammer that Digg link below and guarantee the team here kudos, adulation and the respect of our peers. Game that system! (More seriously, there are some caveats regarding the profile of social bookmarking users and non-UK access to content in this comment by David Thair.)



Red button wizard Andrew Bowden says "so long" to What's On:

I was always really happy with what we produced. Bar the fact that we didn't bother changing the dreadfully brown colour scheme.
Still, all good things must come to an end. But not before a toast.
To What's On.

Andrew also, of course, posts at the BBCi Labs blog.


Finally, Internet Blog was going to provide a summary of the responses to Erik's post about the BBC's use of AIR, but it seems that Irregular Shed has already provided one in a tweet:

BBC announces that they're releasing iPlayer as an Adobe Air application. World cheers/shrugs/boos depending on ideology and/or knowledge.

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