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Interesting Stuff 2008-10-09

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Alan Connor | 16:00 UK time, Thursday, 9 October 2008

Robin Goad, research director at Hitwise, has managed to create the only graph so far depicting the credit crunch where the lines go up:

internet searches for robert peston


mr_darcy.jpgMatt Asay responds enthusiastically at cnet's Open Road to the possibilites conjured up by the idea of openness:

The BBC is now considering making that content available to the world, not merely to be seen but also to be modified and re-distributed in new and exciting ways. Think about that. The BBC has helped to create some of the world's most iconic programming, from Monty Python to Pride and Prejudice.
Remixing Mr. Darcy? I can't wait.



New Department Time at FM&T! It's a technical group "to ensure that audiences receive the best service possible when taking part in BBC programmes":

The creation of the Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU) is part of the BBC's comprehensive plan to address important issues which arose from serious editorial breaches on the BBC last year, many involving interactive votes, competitions and the use of Premium Rate Telephony.

More from Alex Farber at New Media Age and James Welsh at Digital Spy.



Rain Ashford of BBC Backstage blogs Ian Forrester's presentation about the Future of Technology Conference and the Google Code Jam.


Dan Taylor plays around with the refreshed BBC search, as does Ryan Morrison.


toby_foster100.jpgAnd finally, if you missed Audio & Music tech chief James Cridland's breakfast-time spot on BBC South Yorkshire's Radio Sheffield talking to Toby Foster about targeted online advertising - and if you haven't read the notes he prepared - you can listen to the piece here [5.3Mb mp3 | 07min37sec].

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