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Interesting Stuff 2008-07-14

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Alan Connor | 10:59 UK time, Monday, 14 July 2008

Had I but world enough and time, my coyness about blogging would be a crime..."

Siobhain Butterworth (Readers' Editor, The Guardian) has some thoughts in advance of tonight's "Learning To Talk" event.

mycbbc_logo.jpgIn The Guardian, Jemima Kiss quotes BBC Children's Marc Goodchild in a piece about MyCBBC [see Richard Deverell's February post] reaching 100,000 registered users: "Our research showed that while kids love the idea of sites like World of Warcraft, they are still quite innocent and quite nervous about joining."

The BBC hiring Kazaa's Anthony Rose to run its online media player was like the Royal Navy signing up pirate Jack Sparrow...

...says today's Independent. ("Aaaarrrr!" - pirate ed.)


Ethan Eismann enthuses about the BBC page widening templates [pdf] in a post called The BBC Grid:

Aside from this document's first-order value - providing an informative definition of the BBC grid - it also provides a look into the documentation/specification format and process of the BBC UX&D team. Rare, interesting find indeed.

topics_header.pngNext in our overview of bbc.co.uk-related matters, Murray Dick gives a good overview of Martin Belam's good overview of the overviews provided by the BBC Topics pages: "Guiding its users across and between these diverse (and popular) media and genres is not easy, but if you use the places, people and events which feature in the content, you have a way of expressing the full range of what you do."

Finally Phil Ferris on his Cornish Pasty blog shows that multi-tasking is possible:

Today I set up the journal programme with the BBC iPlayer along side and this meant I could catch up on watching stuff while being able to write a journal and also blog.

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