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BBC Radio Streams Update

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James Cridland James Cridland | 10:05 UK time, Thursday, 10 July 2008

radiolabs175.pngOver the last few days, I've listened to more BBC Radio than ever: particularly now the BBC iPlayer makes it much easier to discover content across the BBC's output. I've enjoyed everything from Radio 1's Annie Mac, via Radio 2's Pete Mitchell, to Radio 3's Choral Evensong (Annie's great if a little loud for our office, Pete's a familiar knowledgeable voice, and Evensong is rather good for clearing stressful emails and grappling with the wonders of the BBC's many forms and policies).

Over at the BBC Radio Labs blog, I'm trying to keep everyone up to date with our plans to increase the quality of our online radio streams. You're seeing the first fruits of that work in the listen-again streams in the new iPlayer; but there's plenty more to come. For the latest on that, you're welcome to _take a read_.

NB: I do try to answer relevant questions in blog comments; so I've switched off comments here to keep all the comments in one place - feel free to comment away over in my team's blog.

Read and comment on James' post "The latest on our audio improvements" at BBC Radio Labs blog.

James Cridland is Head of FM&T for Audio & Music Interactive

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