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Interesting Stuff 2008-07-28

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Alan Connor | 10:19 UK time, Monday, 28 July 2008

The BBC Trust has started its public consultation on plans to syndicate national TV and radio services over 3G networks for mobile devices. Detail at Digital Spy and the BBC Trust's website.

At followthemedia, Michael Hedges looks over the Pricewaterhouse Coopers' research [pdf] into the economic impact of the BBC [see previous post], (commisioned by the BBC Trust) and argues:

the Beeb is "not simply TV and radio channels any more than Google is simply a search engine."

Rory Cellan Jones locks horns with Stephen Fry and Macheads at the BBC's dot.life blog.

While Christine Jardine in the Sunday Herald speculates:

The iPlayer is a runaway success ... but could it backfire on the BBC?

shoot_summer_qrcode.jpgStare at the image on the right. Let your mind wander... what can you see...? Is it a series of short-form user-generated videos shot in fields which are being shaken by bass bins? Then you are seeing correctly:

Shoot The Summer is a film about festivals shot entirely on mobile phones. All the pictures and videos on this site have been captured on mobile phones too. The film will be shot by our DJs and our artists at festivals this summer. You can get in on the action by sending us your mobile clips.


Over at Backstage (which Andrew Williams gives "a (brief) introduction" to here), Steve Butler unleashes feeds from /programmes [see previous posts], referencing Tom Scott's Interesting BBC Data To Hack With and sending interested parties to the /programmes developers' page. Great things will result - you mark BBC Internet Blog's words.


And - still talking to you, Mr(s) Sports Fan - if you're after an abstraction of Sport Multiscreen architecture, the marvellous red button boffins at BBCi Labs are happy to oblige.


A proper explanation of QR codes is here.

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