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Pic Of The Day: The TechCrunch BBC Debate

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 14:19 UK time, Thursday, 26 June 2008

I love the Council Chamber in Broadcasting House.

It's a serious room for serious activity.

Lord Reith glowers down from his portrait on the wall, thoroughly - and (in my view) often sensibly - suspicious of whatever peculiarities are being perpetrated in his name by the assembled occupants.

Yesterday I was there for the TechCrunch BBC Debate. And here's a photograph to prove it.councilchamberx.jpg

Photo courtesy Mike Butcher on flickr.

Mike Butcher and James Cridland have blogged it here and here. And there's more photos here

Tom Loosemore was impressive as always, James Cridland stood up for radio and Tony Ageh and Jem Stone were calm and rational. I talked far too much I (I look rather alarming at close range on video!) but I was having one of those days.

But the point of these events is not so much the opinions expressed. More important is that people have a chance to meet the right person at the BBC - the person who might just be able to help them do what they want to do.

The BBC Internet blog is involved in an event in the Council Chamber in July. More details soon.

Nick Reynolds is editor, BBC Internet blog


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