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Pic Of The Day: Mashed Rocket

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Alan Connor | 14:30 UK time, Tuesday, 24 June 2008


This image graces the front of the new edition of Ariel, the BBC's in-house magazine. It was taken at Mashed, the Beeb's weekend of hacking, it reflects those parts of the hackathon that were less about code and feeds and more about matters physical and propulsive and it's labelled thusly:

Rocket man Ant Miller did his best to take the BBC a little closer to the world of space exploration and became a high achiever.
The technology project manager in FM&T was taking part in the Mashed event at Alexandra Palace, London at the weekend.
Together with 'payload specialist' Bruce James from the iPlayer team, he launched a rocket carrying a tiny video camera which sent images back to a laptop-based 'ground station'.
The rocket reached an altitude of around 700 feet on a blustery afternoon which would have bested even Nasa. But accessing the video images proved to be a greater problem.
Says Miller: "Bruce tried valiantly to extract useful pix, but even the Met Police forensic video people there couldn't get a result." Luckily, Bruce had a long trip home and figured out a fix. "Now we have some, admittedly hazy, but exciting footage,' says Miller.

Alan Connor is co-editor, BBC Internet Blog.


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