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Mashed Digital TV

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Simon Thompson | 11:52 UK time, Monday, 30 June 2008

This all started what seems an age ago. A while back, you may have read about an internal BBC event, called the Festival of Technology - I was there, and I had a problem!

My project until recently was looking at the signalling required for digital switchover - and I'd recently created an "Autoretune" specification which I needed to present. Unfortunately, most other members of my team also needed presentation space - so I could only have one screen.

To solve the problem, it was decided that the Powerpoint needed to go into the Digital TV feed I was using - so off I went, armed with an old Linux box, and a couple of commercial pieces of TV hardware to make a TV service to show the Powerpoint.

Next door to me at the Festival of Technology was the BBC Backstage team who became interested as soon as they realised that, despite all their great work on getting people to use our data, they've never got anyone to hack with our main data feed - the telly.


Read more and comment at the BBCi Labs Blog.

Simon Thompson is a technologist at BBC Research & Innovation, Kingswood Warren.

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