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Nick Cohen Nick Cohen | 13:39 UK time, Tuesday, 20 May 2008

mark_kermode.jpgA number of bloggers have picked up on our recently launched video blog by film critic Mark Kernode, so I thought I'd just follow up on a couple of points raised and ask you all what you think about the project.

For those who haven't seen it yet, Kermode Uncut is our first attempt at doing a true video blog (or "vlog", if you must). For the BBC, this is partly about experimenting with a powerful new (to us) format and partly about giving Mark a blogging outlet that best suits his style.

As he himself puts it:

I've opted to film a regular blog rather than write because a) it's more exciting and b) let's face it, it's easier for me. I'll be filing these video blogs in my usual grumpy fashion, so don't expect a lot of smiling, or good natured bonhomie. But it's my way of letting off steam, and if you enjoy it too then that's an added bonus.

Simon Dickson at Puffbox (thanks for your generous comments, Simon) rightly points out that it's Mark himself that makes this format work. It feels to me that you definitely need someone with Mark's combination of personality and natural ease in front of the camera to make the video-led approach to blogging work. It won't be right for everyone, by any means.

Ryan Morrison at Up Your Ego raises the question of whether it will be possible to update the video content very regularly. The answer is: yes, absolutely! Mark will be posting a new video at least once a week - the idea being that if you come back on a weekly basis, you'll always get something new. (FYI: the plan is to publish in time for Friday lunchtime - you heard it here first...)

It's obviously new territory for us, so we'd be very keen to hear any further comments or feedback.

See also: our own Dan Taylor talks about the project on his personal blog.

Nick Cohen is a Multiplatform Commissioning Executive.



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