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Interesting Stuff 23.04.08

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 10:37 UK time, Wednesday, 23 April 2008

There's an interview with Anthony Rose about the BBC iPlayer in this week's Points Of View [1' 30" in].


The Independent describes the iPlayer as "the daddy of online broadcasting".

Robin Hamman has been working on a breaking news social media tool for journalists partly using the BBC News Breaking News RSS feed.

Benjamin Dwyer praises Radio 1's use of social media.

And Karen Loasby, who leads the BBC's Information Architecture team, reports back from the IA Summit.

Nick Reynolds is editor, BBC Internet Blog.


  • Comment number 1.

    Please don't use Adobe Air for the Mac iPlayer. Adobe causes havoc on macs.

  • Comment number 2.

    I'm appreciating the explosion of embedded video in BBC News Online since the launch of the iPlayer, and yesterday I noticed a curious thing: The embedded volume control goes up to 11. Is someone having a laugh?!

  • Comment number 3.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 4.


    Bit of a heads-up if you're linking to iPlayer content, as you did for the Anthony Rose segment from Points of View.

    You're going to have two issues with this - one immediate and the other within 7 days (or less) of posting.

    The immediate issue is that international readers of the blog will not be able to see what you're referring to as the iPlayer content is blocked to non-UK readers.

    The second issue is that once the content goes outside the 7-day IPlayer window it no longer is accessible to anyone.

    This makes your blog postings subject to restricted audiences and decay - which undermines the value of them.

    One quick solution is to get the segment you refer to up on the BBC Worldwide channel on YouTube and link to that.

    This is going to be an issue across the various BBC blogs, so it may be worth dealing with it now before it becomes a bigger issue.


  • Comment number 5.

    The BBC iPlayer coume control has always gone up to 11. Nice to see Spinal Tap still having cultural relevance all these years on!

  • Comment number 6.

    Of course, that should have said "volume control" ... darn brain running faster than fingers.

    BTW, thanks for sorting out the blog commenting BBC ... now we just need an "Edit" function.



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