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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 21:25 UK time, Thursday, 3 January 2008

Since the BBC Internet Blog started on the 31st October last year, we've published over fifty posts and added more than two hundred links to our delicious stream.

Some of these may have got "lost in the shuffle". So here's a personal selection of links you might have missed.

I've no doubt the conversation about DRM, Microsoft and the iPlayer will rage on into 2008. So it's worth reminding you of Ashley Highfield's Groklaw interview where he tackles some of the wilder allegations and puts the BBC's side of the story. Anthony Rose's audio interview with Backstage about the improvements introduced to the iPlayer just before Christmas is also worth a listen.

On a completely different subject, I'm surprised that this post from Ashley Highfield in November didn't seem to provoke anyone. Ashley asks questions about how green digital technology is and how green it should be. Surely someone has some thoughts?

Martin Belam worked very hard guiding us through the ten year anniversary of bbc.co.uk. Martin has some personal thoughts on the experience of "guest blogging" on his own blog too. And if you want a roller coaster ride at the sharp end check out Brandon Butterworth's insider's view.

An early scene from BBC Technology

If that didn't keep him busy enough, Martin also wrote a series of posts on currybet.net on "Blogging At The BBC".

Do BBC web teams get enough credit? And if not where should they get it? Good questions triggered by the estimable James Cridland on his personal blog.

The ArchersYou want Archers visualisations? They're at the Radio Labs blog.

Tom Loosemore makes an intriguing and rather important point about embeddable video and BBC Parliament.

Finally, a personal note. It's no secret that I believe that the BBC should be more open and that blogging might be a way to achieve this. I said as much in the "Blogs As Accountability" podcast we published before Christmas. So I was pleased when I read this blog post. It made me think that we might be getting somewhere.

But there's still a way to go. We'll see how far we get as the new year progresses.

Nick Reynolds is editor, BBC Internet Blog.


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