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I am very old. As you get older, time speeds up and your memory goes. In fact, I can’t remember a time that didn’t exist. But I’m reliably informed that December 15th will be the tenth birthday of (or "BBC Online", as it was then called).

networking_club_logo.pngSo, to celebrate the BBC’s achievements online over those ten years (and to jog my memory), the Internet Blog has commissioned Martin Belam (occasional BBC man and curator of the excellent currybetdotnet blog) to write a series of blog posts. Martin has done lots of web work for the BBC over the years. His posts will look at various aspects of the development of the BBC’s web services. You can read them, and the other anniversary posts, here, and we'll also list them below as they go up.

I’m also hoping for contributions from key BBC executives giving their personal memories, and some juicy glimpses behind the scenes as the BBC’s web offer evolved.

And memory can play tricks. So please do comment on anything you read on the posts, add your own perspectives and reminiscences, and suggest anything you’d like to see covered.

Posts so far:

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Just a nit, 15th December.

Is there a version online of how the homepage of the BBC site looked on the very first day?

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