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  • Nick Reynolds
  • 31 Oct 07, 04:23 PM

This blog aims to talk about what the BBC does on the internet and in technology, including BBC websites, internet services and technology products like the iPlayer. It will feature contributions from BBC Future Media and Technology teams, interactive editors, executives, controllers and FM&T's Director along with your comments.

BBC Homepage 1997The BBC wants to be more open and accountable, so this site is a place for everyone to join the conversation. So please do criticize the BBC in your comments (I suspect you will not need much encouragement!), and ask tough questions. When someone makes a point that needs a considered response on this blog, I'll try to make this happen. I welcome comments on this post about what topics you think the blog should cover and how it can be improved.

This blog will also link out to the conversation about the BBC on the wider internet, and to individual blogs. I hope to point to where the good conversations are. As Tom Loosemore outlined in the BBC's Fifteen Web Principles, the web is a conversation. Rather than trying to own or control the conversation, I'm hoping to encourage BBC people to join in (and I may even join in myself!).

As Peter Barron (Editor, Newsnight) has pointed out on the News Editors Blog the technology supporting the BBC's blogs is not working as well as it should. But rather than delaying launching this blog until all the problems were fixed I decided to get something live, even if it's not perfect. Thanks to everyone at the BBC who made it happen.

Comments on this blog will be moderated. Due to the technical limitations mentioned, comments will be premoderated. So comments will be read before a decision is made whether to publish them. I aim to include as many comments as possible, but comments which are abusive, offensive, defamatory or wildly off topic may not be published.

When the current technical difficulties are resolved I hope to move this blog to post moderation so that the conversation can flow more easily.

If you want to discuss what the BBC does editorially on its News websites and its television and radio news services, go to the BBC News Editors Blog. The BBC blogs page shows the full range of where you can talk to the BBC through blogs. If you want to make things with BBC feeds, I recommend a visit to the rather wonderful Backstage blog.

Leaving a comment on the blog, is not the same as making a formal complaint. If you want to do that, this website will help you - and this way, you're guaranteed to receive a formal response.

Nick Reynolds is editor, BBC Internet Blog.

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