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What is IPTV?

  • TVP
  • 18 Jul 08, 1:43 PM

Paul Ashun writes:

The year is 2008 and IPTV projects are beginning to make their mark on the industry and imminently, our audiences. The exciting world of TV via Internet Protocols (and all that goes with it) is at our fingertips.

Within the BBC, I have set up a Future TV Platforms Special Interest Group where we share information regarding the newest developments in TV Platforms (including but not limited to IPTV).

After so much discussion I thought it would be worth giving the outside world an overview of what IPTV is.

The presentation does not aim to answer everything, but it does aim to answer questions such as:

  • What is IPTV (or is it definable while it is still emerging?)
  • How does VOD fit into IPTV
  • What are some emerging models/companies involved in IPTV/VOD
  • What technologies/formats/protocols are involved

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing What is IPTV? (PDF) (Powerpoint)


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