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Support report: video aspect ratio issue on satellite Sport service

  • Rob Hardy
  • 28 Jul 08, 5:20 PM

Like any IT service, we have a continuous flow of support issues for the live service (or incidents, if you're an ITIList).  Occasionally an issue is high profile enough to garner some outside interest, and I'll report on these here.  Here's the first report.

Symptom: Aspect ratio incorrect on certain video streams (16:9 displaying anomorphically - it looks squeezed).  This applies to the videos accessible under the Sport Multiscreen.

Diagnosis: The OpenTV middleware is responsible for handling the aspect ratio, taking into account the viewers' individual settings, and the aspect ratio of the broadcast video.  If the application uses any of the OpenTV API calls to manipulate the video, then the responsibility to maintain the aspect ratio moves to the application.  In this case our new OpenTV browser used for the sports service was overriding the middleware's automatic handling of the video aspect ratio.

Resolution: Code modified so that O_video_set_auto_mode is called with AUTO_ALL, and other video manipulation functions are inhibited for fullscreen video.  Code was released to live on 15th July.


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