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  • Introducing BBC Ideas

    Lloyd Shepherd

    Product Lead, BBC Ideas

    Introducing BBC Ideas

    You may have read reports of the BBC launching something called ‘the Ideas Service’, which was mentioned in the BBC Online Creative Review Bold British Creative in 2015.

    We’ve been talking about what this service might be, and we’re now building it. We’re calling it BBC Ideas, and we’re planning to be writing about the work here for anyone interested in following our progress.

    What people seem to want

    Like many other online publishers, we’ve noticed a definite trend in recent years — people seeking out and sharing particularly interesting things, often in quite a random way. There’s a special form of pleasure that comes from watching something online that introduces a new idea or way of thinking — especially when it’s something you have, seemingly by accident, stumbled upon.

    Some people call this stuff intelligent content — we’ve been using the phrase thoughtful content in our own discussions.

    Whether it’s reading a longread on Brainpickings or watching a video on Ted Talks or listening to a podcast like The Allusionist, people are finding content which can be about pretty much anything, but is characterised by making people feel more connected with the world…

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