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backstage.bbc.co.uk is the BBC's early adopter network to encourage participation and support creativity through open innovation.

It was announced in the BBC's response to the Graf Review of BBC Online:

"The BBC will support social innovation by encouraging users' efforts to build sites and projects that meet their needs and those of their communities ... The BBC will also be committed to using open standards that will enable users to find and re purpose BBC content in more flexible ways" Page 9, BBC's response to the Graf Report, November 2004 (PDF 183kb).

backstage.bbc.co.uk attempts to encourage and support those who have provided most of the innovation on the internet - the passionate, highly-skilled & public-spirited developers and designers many of whom volunteer their time and effort.

In the past the BBC has not always encouraged such "amateur innovators", however public-spirited their intentions and products. backstage.bbc.co.uk aims to foster a newly constructive and open dialogue with the wider development community using BBC content and tools to deliver public value.

backstage.bbc.co.uk will provide data, resources and support for users who wish to build prototypes and proofs of concepts using BBC material. We will encourage people both inside and outside the BBC to share knowledge, ideas & prototypes with each other.

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