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BBC Backstage the ebook retrospective

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 13:43 UK time, Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Its been an amazing five years but finally the servers are powering down on the backstage.bbc.co.uk (to be official) project.The legacy of backstage will live on, but what better way to end the project but to launch a ebook which tells some of the stories of how the project started way back in 2004.

We commisioned Suw Charman-Anderson to create the eBook retrospective of the whole project, quite a challenge as you can imagine. But she's done a excellent job with help from editor Jim McClennan and designer Nicola Rowlands. Its an fantastic piece of work I think you will agree.It also serves as a very fitting tribute to the endless efforts of the many staff, friends, hackers, developers, designers, critics, etc, etc of the project over the last half decade.

There is plenty of background information in the ebook including those playground servers, the amazing array of prototypes and some real interesting points about the nature hacking... maybe someone should update wikipedia with some of the information?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm really happy to present the Backstage Ebook:Hacking the BBC, a backstage retrospective. From us to you, for making backstage what it became.

Download in [PDF] [print ready PDF] [EPUB] [MOBI] [RTF]

(The Amazon Kindle will read MOBI files, the Apple iPad makes great work of the PDF, while most others readers will accept epub. If you're in any doubt try the PDF on which is full colour or the RTF which is just the content.)

The cover of the BBC Backstage ebook.

You can also read more on the Guardian's PDA blog,  the BBC R&D blog (which will be the place to find out what happens post backstage), the BBC internet blog and of course my own personal blog.

I think its safe to say the ebook is licenced under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. So please do share it and tells us what bits you loved or hated. In actual fact, tells us what bits you loved or hated generally about the whole project. We really value your feedback and of course everything you all did to make backstage your place to influence the BBC as a whole.

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