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Global Ignite Week

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 18:52 UK time, Friday, 12 February 2010

Global Ignite week

The first week of March is Global Ignite week, if you've never been to an Ignite night they are like nothing you've been to before. Tim O'reilly calls them The Twitter of conferences, a way to quickly share information and spark enthusiasm. The Ignite slogan is Enlighten us, but make it quick, and fits perfectly with its auto-advancing slides and 5mins maximum talks.

Each Ignite has the same format: an evening event, often in a bar or other informal meeting place, starting out with a Make: contest, followed by a series of short talks, with 10-15 speakers given five minutes to speak on the subject of their choice, each with 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Organizers invite speakers and, like any event organizer, pick people who will engage the audience. Events usually draw at least 100 attendees, and the largest Ignite to date has had 800 attendees.

There are 5 in England and Wales

Ignite is a self-organising event like BarCamp and TEDx, like those two its really grown across the world and there are events as far as New Zealand now. Its maybe not too late to setup an ignite in your own area and find speakers.

Tim O'reilly has a lot of interesting things to say about what he has learned from letting Ignite which is a O'reilly brand/event go into the wild wild world in the radar blog entry titled
Ignite, Syndicated Events, and Social Media Marketing


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