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Snow Watch - we need your help!

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 13:20 UK time, Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Watch has just been commissioned. It's a special brought to you by the Springwatch and Autumnwatch team where we'll be finding out what the big freeze really means for our wild animals. And, as usual, to make it a success we need your help.

What we really need are your stories... your wildlife experiences since the snow began to fall. Have you seen anything extraordinary? Has the weather perhaps thrown up questions you'd like Chris, Simon or Kate to try to answer? How has the natural world responded to the weather where you live?

So please, please, if you have a moment, post a comment below and tell us your stories, your questions, your observations of what's going in the natural world during this, the hardest winter we've had for 30 years.

Thank you very much, and don't forget you can post your snowy pictures on the new Snow Watch Flickr group and send in your snowy videos to the Autumnwatch video uploader. We're standing by to try to get them into Snow Watch!

Update: 22 January 2010: We've made a new post to answer some of your questions and discuss some of your fascinating stories.


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